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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Edition 1: Editorial

Crisp Morning on a weekend, great tea, morning raga background and a crisp newspaper. What more you need in life. This is the feeling for most of us. A paper should inform, a paper should analyze, a paper should raise voice and a paper should entertain. Paper should be global and it should be local. These may sound one to many expectations from 10-15 pages. How many existing papers meet all these expectations? Maybe partially, to some extent can best describe the current scene?

I was tired of columnists who can be defined as elitist. They preach mere mortals. I am interested in knowing what others like me’ The mere mortals’ have to say. I am keen to also read newsmakers themselves rather than constructed common place words. I am keen to know issues, which are very local to me. In the times of net, I have access to happenings round a clock on globe, but I don’t know what happened at 1 pm on the road next to my house. As a businessman, I cannot afford ad rates; I need a forum to convey my business items to people within my budget. I have an issue like e.g. bad phone connection, and I want someone to follow it up with me. I will love to watch my almamater, college to be featured. I will look forward to tips from experts, which I can use in education, beauty, career. This is all about me, the reader. This is the flavor of Orange. This is a flavor close to “Me” First person singular. And this for all those “Me’s in and around. Wrong English. It’s all about us. We the people…..

About Orange
Orange Media Publications and Productions, is a young startup in media.
Cityblog is a weekly published by Orange Publications and Productions Pvt. Ltd. Team of Orange is the very strength of CityBlog. We are the people of Pune. We have entrepreneurs with IIT background; we are entrepreneurs from various and unrelated background like real estate, service industry, and manufacturing and yes public servants.
On our advisor panel we have politicians across the spectrum, RTI, consumer activists, PMC office bearers, journalists, educationists. Cityblog wants to be a movement rather than a paper. Of course you will appreciate our honesty that we are in business and we want to do it best. We promise to deliver results.

Why newspaper?
As a citizen and a reader, we were really tired of reading a paper, which has sold every inch to a commercial cause (that does not exclude so called news and editorial items)? We were also fed up with some political or economic agenda trust upon by media moguls? We were also tired of very highly moral journos ‘educating’ you? We felt a need for forum in Pune for people like you and me to be heard? We wanted to go beyond mouthpieces and commercially managed English media darlings. Here is a new weekly that we plan to bring to you, which can really add value to day-to-day life of common citizen of Pune.

Why Cityblog?
CityBlog will have what you need most. It will be voice of common citizens on current issues, a useful tip from experts in education, health, career etc (that’s our promise. We will have the most felt need to have some forum to solve issues. We will present citizen blog to express their views. Local issues, Colleges, Cinema, drama, etc will feature extensively. We will be online plus offline blog and aim to become official blog of Pune city.

We will start locally to western Pune to start with and will aim to cover all Pune city in near future.

Our website will have all blog capabilities for readers.

We will provide new platform for local businesses and listing online as well as offline with a great feasibility for their business. We promise to add value for everyone.

Youth will be the focus, with features on colleges and careers. Women will have dedicated section. Newsmakers, citizen blog, enterprise section will act as first person singular aspect of any blog. While lighter but yet very heartfelt aspects of life like cinema, parties, events will complete the total umbilical cord we have with common day-to-day life.

Why Orange

When one thinks of Orange, one can associate with it Healthy, tasty, tangy and fresh flavor. We wanted to add a flavor to news. When someone breaks his fast after long protest, they serve him orange to help him revive. Same is what we intend to do to readers who have been starved of what they need.

About you and me.

We recommend you to write to us newsdesk@cityblogpune on any matters you want us to highlight in relevant sections especially about news, citizen rights, consumer rights. You can also contribute as a citizen blogger, about any event, cinema. You can call us on 20- 25630209 or write to us on Orange Publication & Productions Pvt. Ltd.
52/A, Shivaji Housing Society, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016

Please visit for comments on our news, features etc.

Hope you will find our efforts noteworthy and help us build a movement and forum for you and me…..


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