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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Edition1: Children show way this Diwali

Children show the way this DiwaliThey say Adults have to show way to their children. Here is the cue what grown ups should take from Children. Children in Maharashtra have really made an impact. They have saved Rupees 65 Lakhs on crackers this year.
Andhashraddha Nirmulan samiti (ANS) an anti superstition body launched a cracker free Diwali concept. This movement was carried out from 25th Sep to 12 Oct this year in 12 districts of Maharashtra.
Crackers create many problems. They pollute air. Asthmatic people suffer due to air pollution. They create safety hazards. During this Diwali all over India at least 50 people lost lives mainly in tamilnadu, thane. In Delhi alone there were more than 50 reported fire cases of fire. Pune also had at least 10 reported injury cases of burns and several fire alarms. Not mentioning here numerable had burn cases and unreported fires and also count property loss. The noise effects on elderly, infants, patients and normal people are very serious. On one side there is no money for education but crores are spend on crackers. It’s public domain knowledge that there is rampant child labour exploitation in factories who
manufacture these crackers. Few of us realize that firecrackers are mostly made by very young children. Since, the substances being handled are
extremely toxic, many of these child labourers get sick and die in their early teenage years Education is basic right of these child labourers of which they are deprived of. But still we blast crackers. Does it sound crazy?
Someone had to do something. And children themselves in Maharashtra have responded this year.
ANS sent circulars mentioning all above points with an appeal to parents through the children. They also sent around 10 lakh resolutions to the children that they will spend cracker free Diwali. Around 70 Thousand children responsed with filled forms. Children claimed to save from Rs 20 to 1200 which they normally used to spend on crackers. Thats how the total was 65 lakhs. Some children donated saved money for school items to needy. The statistics say that around 400 crores are spent in our state every Diwali. ANS target is to save 50% of that in next 5 years.
With the firecrackers sellers
association in Pune mentioning a 30 per cent loss in business, asthmatics and doctors were happy. Chest medicine specialists say that in wake of H1N1 and the worsening air pollution levels in the city, the fate of asthmatics was really bleak.
The fact that the cracker business was less by 30 per cent is great news. What happens is that the air quality is already at its worst. That, along with Diwali pollution, could have triggered asthma attacks and such people are at a great risk of
contracting H1N1 and developing
According to figures obtained from the Maharashtra Pollution and
Control Board, the air quality in Pune worsens each year during the winter months, starting with Diwali. In some areas, the air pollution during Diwali is nearly twice the permissible limit.
Though we would have preferred that firecracker pollution be nil this time,
especially with H1N1 around, at least it’s heartening that there is some drop in
Schools in Pune also had
appealed students to spend cracker free
diwali. Many children volunteered for this cause and have ensured reduction in
menace of crackers. My teacher has
explained how crackers are bad, I will never burst them say Riya student of
There is a school of thoughts which feels that children should be given viable
option to express their happiness they get out of crackers. This option should be safe and eco friendly and creative. How about planting trees as a custom in Diwali…. Says Parth a symbiosis student.
Instead of burning crackers I would rather distribute sweets to the poor and needy children. The smiles on their faces will really make my Diwali, says Devik, a Sapling School student.

A remarkable feat indeed. Kids will learn fast. What about adults in the shops who know everything but still burst crackers? Hopefully we will have cracker free Diwali someday…

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