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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Edition2: why learn marathi

Marathi language course for beginners
CityBlog aims to involve all into pulse of pune city. What more is needed to know pulse than knowing language of the land. In this series, we will provide insight into spoken and written marathi. It will be fun.

Why learn Marathi?
Why learn Marathi?
Marathi is spoken by over 68 million people around the world. Majority of Marathi speakers reside in Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also spoken and understood in different parts of other Indian state such as - Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. People who move from other states to Maharashtra and who like Maharashtra are learning Marathi. We have seen a lot of interest from outside India from spouses or friends of Marathi people as well as those who are adopting kids from Maharashtra. But there are plenty of other reasons to learn Marathi. Here are some of them.
Befriend Your Neighbors
Although traditionally most of Marathi people didn't like to leave their mother land and pursue opportunities outside Maharashtra, this is changing. More Marathi people are moving, traveling and going to remote places within India and outside India. Your Marathi neighbor is bound to love you more if you could communicate with them in Marathi.
Traveling to Maharashtra?
As it is true for most of India, frankly you would do fine in Maharashtra even if you know English alone. But it won't be as much fun as it would be to learn little bit of Marathi. If you learn and speak Marathi while traveling in Maharashtra it will give you more opportunities to enjoy your travel and may allow you to do or see things other visitors may not.
It's Your Mother Tongue!
Yes, your parents speak Marathi but you grew up in non Marathi schools and environment. Now you think you should learn language of your ancestors. Never a best day to start on that but today!
Learning Other Language
If learn Marathi, you will have head start in other Sanskrit based Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarathi, Bengali etc. You might even want to learn Sanskrit! Simply learning Marathi may give you base for other non Indian language as you'll build your reference point in learning new language.
Cultural Understanding
Learn the language and you will know their culture better. That's true for any language and culture around the world.
It's Easy!
If you already know other Indian language like Hindi, Gujrathi or Bengali learning Marathi is easy. Most of the language structure and words are originated from Sanskrit. Well, for those of you who do not know Indian language, mastering grammar can be challenging but if you use this site, you will find basic grammar easy to follow!
If you are in Maharashtra, you will find opportunities expanding once you learn Marathi. Learning Marathi is also helpful for thousands of government officials who are not native Marathi. Marathi is the official language of state of Maharashtra in India. If you are outside Maharashtra, and in occupation that involves all India or International trade or tourism you will have opportunities to use your new skills!
It Is Fun!
For some, learning a language is adventure and fun. They enjoy challenges of learning, speaking and reading new language. Learning language itself takes effort but it pays off when you can use it immediately.
Popular reasons that our visitors shared with us
We also requested few people to share their own reasons for learning Marahti. Here are some of the most popular reasons that we have received so far. I am learning Marathi because:
My spouse is Marathi.
I am in love with a Marathi girl
I am in love with a Marathi boy
I am a non-Indian visiting Maharashtra.
We are adopting a kid from Maharashtra.
I am doing social work in a remote area within Maharashtra.
I like this language.
I work in Maharashtra and so I find it convenient to speak with my colleagues in Marathi.
My mother tongue is Marathi but now I have forgotten it.
My ancestors are Marathi but now I am settled in a different country and now want to learn language of my ancestors.
I do business in Maharashtra and often I have to communicate with local community and state government authorities in Marathi.
I like to learn different language.
I speak bad Marathi and want to improve my Marathi speaking skills.
I am growing up in a foreign country but in a Marathi household. I want to speak language that my parent speak so well.
What is your reason to learn marathi? Tell us. Mail us on


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