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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edition3: DAV Public School

A huge campus, big class rooms, a green play ground and a sweet sound of laughter of several gangs of energetic kids playing basketball in it……. Welcome to DAV Public school in Aundh. DAV College and Management Trust was found in 1855 in the memories of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, to propagate the message of Vedas while equipping the students with global standard of education. Dr. K. B. Kushal, the regional head of the trust, established this branch six years back. Affiliated to CBSE Board, DAV Public School boasts of its outstanding academic performances, with 40% of its students scoring above 85% in its 10th and 12th board exams. Apart from academics, the school provides good opportunity and support for extra curricular activities. “ECA gives a lot of exposure to the students. It's as important as studies. As a coordinator, I believe such activities help a child to be more conversant and intellectual. We never hesitate to encourage a child to participate in the field he is good at.”says Dr. Bindu Karle, the academic coordinator. Soon the school is going to record its own music CD consisting of nursery rhymes and self composed poetries by its student, as an Endeavour to encourage young music talents and poets of the institution. The school even has a TARANA TILLANA FORUM, where Carnatic and Hindustani classical art merge together, having Sudha Chandran as its mentor.
Needless to say, with such motivating faculty and learning environment, the students of this school are very talented. Naren Sundar Ranjan of class IX is a young poet. “I write poetries about society, highlighting its negative elements and its disparity in the positive elements.” He is also a classical and semi classical singer, who bagged the first position in Bharat Vikas Parishad group song competition and many other solos in Carnatic Music. He won the Little Radio Mirchi Juke Box Competition while in class V. Yet he manages to keep his scores above 90% in every exam. His friend, Pratik Satpute, nicknamed as 'Encyclopedia of class IX', excels in GK and drawing. He enthusiastically participated in several events like Maharashtra Elementary Examination, Symbiosis Quiz,
Boat Club Quiz Club and won peizws in many of them. Lakshmi Mani, the sports Captain of the school and an all rounder, takes keen interest in badminton, singing and dancing. She came seventh in the under twelve and under fifteen Malayali Association Badminton Championship in Malaysia. Last year she won the Mahatma Hansraj Tournament for badminton, apart from winning the 100 meters 800 meters race, and thus winning the title of the “Best Athlete in the Western Region”. Siddhi Mehta, her class mate, secured the third position in Khokho, in the same event that year, while coming third in the Spelling Bee Competition. Aditi Sahni, the chess champ came fourth in DIP Fest and stood fifth in Texas Quis, which to her, “was a great exposure”. Sourav Bhabane, of class X, is another bright young scientist, who won a silver in Homi Bhabha Vaidnanik Competition. In his VIIth, he secured an All India Rank of 10th in the Unified Council Of Maths and Science, while last year, his rank was 20th, in the International Maths Olympiad, apart from coming first in the DAV Talent Search Examination.
Asking the students about their take on the 26/11 Mishap last year, these young people voiced their opinions, with full aggression to protest against the infamous incident…..
SOURAV: It is so disappointing that people unnecessarily bring trouble to innocent people.. But I am proud to be an Indian as every one stood together with unity, to combat it. But a little bit of extra caution could have saved so many lives that day.
ADITI: Dad had a meeting at the Taj a month before the mishap. It was hard to believe something so disgusting could have happened there, which was so normal a month before the 26/11.
NAREN: One serious drawback about our nation is that we are never prepared. In every other country the government takes special effort for the national security. It's a huge shame on the part of our government.
LAKSHMI and SIDDHI: I don't understand how can some sick people come from another nation and create atrocities in our own. What was our government doing? They got signals from the coast guard, yet did not bother to take the matter seriously! Our government never acts seriously unless things go out of control. And this time, it took toll on the lives of so many innocent people. When will they wake up?While all the kids believe that the Indian Government is like a lazy kid, due to which, efficient and valiant officers, become the martyrs. They all felt a lot more disgusted, thinking, how the politicians used this incident for their political campaigns and other selfish reasons, accusing each other. While no one made any joint effort to fight against terrorism for a common purpose and well being of the country. “We just hope that our government has woke up and making enough effort to prevent such mishap in the future.”said the kids….. the bright future of our nation

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