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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edition3: Final Frontier

There is always a holy grail for everyone (i am not referring to Dan Browns take on the topic and i am not promoting his new book). There is always a final frontier to be won for everyone.
Steve waugh had mentioned about beating India in India was that. South Africa had same feeling for australia conquest. England has ashes dreams. Sachin Tendulkar feels lifting ODI world cup to be that. Federer wanted French Open, Lendl wanted wimbledon, Sharad Pawar wants to be PM. Narayan Rane wants to be CM. Whole Indian film industry feels that for Oscars. Whole science community feels that for Nobel prize. Whole IT community wants to be involved in 'the next in thing' featuring in Silicon Valley success stories. Whole bunch of fellow entrepreneurs of our times wanted to be next Infosys. The much maligned Investment Bankers wanted to be featured in WSJ, All those in Music want to perform at Sawai, All mountaineers want their foot on the everest. All trekkers wants to sit on kokan kada at harishcchandragad. These are just examples. I am sure every individual has that Holy Grail. There are few lucky people who achieve the grail after few attempts. But i have seen whole lifetime spent unsuccessfully. Someone has a bunglow in mind to buy, someone has a brand of car to buy, someone has a country to visit, someone even wanted to meet long lost friend. These cravings are varied. Its the intensity, desire to achieve that defines the quest. The time duration required to achieve that is the real test of character. Many people give up as well as its very easy to do that. There is nothing like achieving what you want and getting it after a long exhaustive road.
There are some dangers also in this; while chasing the grail, life's other achievement (which may even be bigger than the grail) will feel like no shows. Lifes small gifts and pleasures will be lost while having a single devotion towards the grail. Its balance is what defines success in life.
In short not to give up on quest of the grail while balancing out the life with other important facets will define success.
There is certain unfairness about life. Some things happen in such a way that a particular achievement is denied to someone just for no reason or by chance. And then maybe owing to lack of interest to followup or some other priorities , that event never happens. and at later time you realize that achievement is still missing. And then maybe in some cases time has gone or its very difficult. Then arises that quest which is very strange for others to fathom. Example: One of my friends has taken admission in IIM after 13 years of graduation leaving aside a settled career and family. The holy grail of life is central to all of us.
They define our life, they provide meaning, motivation, substance, etc to our lives ( beware of dissapointments, demotivations, obsession, guilt as by products). My Holy Grail is yet to be achieved. But i have many role models to guide me reach there.
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