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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Editioon1: Letter to Parents

We at Orange felt need by Children to be involved in local current affairs and activities. But if they can achieve the same while having great fun is what we wanted to provide an option to them.

We will have a topic based quiz and a puzzle that needs to be solved by kids. They are open to take help from anyone at home. The issue of CityBlog will be distributed based on subscriptions that parents may opt.
The teacher will collect the correct completed sheets and we at cityblog will collect same.
Name of correct entries will be published with top 3 lucky winners will have a gift plus photo published. We will welcome more and more schools in Pune to participate

In addition there will be three questions asked on this page about news published in this edition. That will help kids read the current affairs. We have selected current affairs relevant to kids and living in this area.

Open Letter to Parents
Dear Parents
We know that in this age of competition, you want your child to excel in every field he or she undertakes. Apart from curricular and co curricular activities, you would appreciate that your child can grow up into responsible citizen tomorrow. Child should have update on latest in world, national and very local events. He/she should know impact of forum. He/She should be aware in latest in science, sports. Lastly we should have him/her get valuable tips from role models and from past successful people from competitive exams (which matter most now).
We at Orange felt the need for children to inculcate habit of reading about current affairs specifically about their immediate neighborhood, locality and city. As you are reading, we have launched a new clean family newspaper called CITYBLOG- Blog where the city meets. In addition to that we will let them have fun activities, games, knowledge, and events.
We will invite articles from kids as well publish school events of your school. The winners of quiz and puzzles will get special prizes and photo ops. You must have read the concise manner of our coverage across areas relevant to all-round growth of your child. We thank opportunity given by your school to introduce us to you. Assuring that your school and children will get special coverage here to participate.
The sections in the paper are aimed at the whole family ensuring parents know what their kids are reading while adding few insights and useful information for themselves.
The advanced countries like the US and UK have a lot of these kind of publications where the children can actually be allowed to read the whole newspaper and don’t have to be faced with politics, murder, rape and gruesome society ills every time they read a newspaper. Though we will be reporting society ills and breaking news, it will be our endeavor to report it responsibly, and sensitize children toward the issues.
We very passionately believe that our time has now arrived and India is poised to be a Global power and we need to equip and prepare the future of tomorrow i.e. our children who will be our bright and shining future.
The children and youth of today are more inclined towards a fast life, fast food and anything that provides instant gratification. Television and the internet are the preferred media for knowledge and entertainment. The pleasure of reading a good newspaper containing a mix of puzzles, games, stories, general knowledge, sections for the homemakers and sports and finance makes our weekly a perfect family read.
We will have various competitions inter and Intra School and the winners will have their photos published in the Cityblog. This system of rewards and recognition will encourage the children and their parents to spend some quality time with their children promoting family interaction and bonding.

NG Ashok
Editor (Have been a pune school child myself, and have been educated in IIT)
For your suggestions & questions about participations, please write us on

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