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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Edition 5: Beauty Tips

Why is it necessary to do facial ?
For various reason skin & facial muscles become lose and develop wrinkles. The treatment for facials in authorised parlors are unable to treat problems like pimple, acne and patchy pigmented skin. Facial does not restrict to a particular age. Facials are done according to skin type of a client after careful examination and the treatment is imparted on the problem.
It is seen that after weight reduction, there is tendency for skin to become loose and develop wrinkles. To treat this, one or two sittings of facial is not enough, hence it is advisable to follow daily skin care regime as advised by a beautician.
Following points should be noted for facials treatments -
A) Is the beautician well qualified and is aware of anatomy of face.
B) Is the place hygienic and does it have clean and sterlised accessories which are used on your
C) Is beautician qualified to use electrical gadgets & is acoare of side effects of the equipment.
D) Everyone should do a regular massage of the face at home and once is a while visit a parlor to
maintain freshness and shine on the face.
Tips : 1) People suffering from acne and blackheads should wash their face as soon as they come home and use scrub twice a week.
2) Everyday 10-12 glasses of water is a must. This not only helps the face to glow but also controls the oiliness of scalp.
3) To maintain softness of skin. From daily sun exposure used homemade scrubs everyday or alternate days is essential.
4) To make a home made scrub, take any dal flour, mix well with milk or water, add few lemon drops and two pinches of sugar. Apply this mixture on face and massage for3-4 min. Then wash off. Use little moisturiser on the damp face and massage. This will help you retain glow on your face.
5) While going in sun, use sunscreen lotion on exposed area.
6) Crash diet and weight loss programs have harmful effects on facial skin and hair effects are seen on face within 1month and on hair within 2-3 months. Hence weight less should be done gradually.
7) Eyebrow threading is an art. Eyebrows enhance the beauty of face so do not go for a perfect line. Eyebrows should have a natural look.
8) If eyebrow are thin and scanty or have a scar, with white grey or brown eyebrow pencil give feathery strokes and comb eyebrows with eyebrow brush or comb.
9) The market is flooded with beauty care products. While purchasing new products also keep your skin type in min. Using some products too often for e.g. Face scrub which
is used once or twice a week will not give more effect if used morning and evening daily. But due to constant scrubbing it will harm the skin.
10) Perfumes and deodrants should not be put directly on the skin. You may be allergic for them. If so, put on the clothes.
11) Antiperspirants and hair removing exams may darken your armpits. After using hair removing cream apply moisturiser to the area. It will act as a neutraliser.
12) For dry brittle hair, use of oil before hair wash in recommended. Apply oil, then with small tooth comb, comb the hair thoroughly, so that each and every hair gets oil. Do not towel fermentation. After sometime shampoo and condition the hair. Conditioner should be put on the dry position of the hair, then spread evenly all over with the help of a comb. Leave it for 5 min. And then rinse off.
13) If the hair scalp is becoming very oily and you need frequent shampoos then-
A) Increase wet intake.
B) Put Heena + Curd (Cream Less) mixture on the scalp.
C) Use shampoo which is meant for oily hair.
D) Avoid conditioner on the scalp.
14) There is some mis concept about colors / dye. If the dye are permanent then after some days why the hair near the scalp looks grey / white. The answer is the colors are ermanent but the hair grows and the new growth will be grey or white.
15) While choosing the dye / color choose the same shade as your natural hair for grey coverage, but for fashion colors or streaking do prelighting treatment and then use fashion colors. The color is used with prelighting then the shade you will get is two to four shades lighter than original hair with the link of fashion color.
16) Thick hair on chin and upper lip new laser therapy to threat is becoming popular but it also has limitation. Firstly the treatment is expensive and no guarantee as young girls and ladies many times they undergo harmonal imbalance problems which causes hair growth.
17) The expensive laser treatment is not possible for everyone. Then the option is threading plucking, razor and waxing. Similar to the method is same. Only the difference is the hot wax itself comes out with the fine hair and with the root. The regrowth is fine. After doing it several times the hair becomes weak. This has to be done once or twice in a month.
18) In sever problems of facials hair or Acne-Pimples. One should try any treatments in the parlors because in parlors we treat externally. Till the time treatment on you will get some relief but again it comes back. So advice to see a family doctor. If the internal problem is there he will check with all the required tests and treatments and then for the external you can consult a beautician.
19) Nails are brittle? Break easily? Constant washing hands make nails dry. Lack of calcium and nutrition also increases the problems. After finishing the kitchen work wash hands wipe them and on damp hand put 3 to 4 drops of cooking oil and rub the nails with it. While going to bed you can use any oil on the nails and rub them it will help for good
growth. Proper diet is also necessary.
20) These days dandruff is a major problems in all the age groups. For this using antidandruff shampoo is not only the answer. These shampoos with the regular use make the hair dry and dull. Simple method of combing hair twice a day for five minutes will improve
the circulation of the blood and remove the dandruff from the scalp. Twice in a week apply the mixture of castor oil and mahabhringraj oil and comb after one hour or next day wash your hair without leaving any oil. If your hair is dry use conditioner lotion, surum as required.
Beauty Expert : Mrs. Shashi Chavan Pinkys Herbal, 38, Ashok Nagar, Range Hills Road, Pune. Tel. : 25538403

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