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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Edition 5: Round Table India Cycle Rally

Round Table India is an organization of non-political and non-sectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40. Its aim is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. Round Table India believes in Community Service through the Fellowship of its members. The unique feature of this organization is that it always remains young, because the members retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger people
Round Table India, the association, was formed on November 14, 1962 with just a membership of 100. It has, over the last 4 decades, grown to become a 2500 member strong association today.
It has around 200 Tables located in 72 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals. Men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community.
We have formed our own Round Table India Foundation which provides financial support every year for projects done by Tables. The Corpus of the Foundation is close to Rs.20 Million now.
The wives of Tablers have their own National Association called Ladies Circle India. Ladies Circle India is assisting every activity of Round Table India, apart from having their own service projects.
The Past Tablers of Round Table India have formed the "41 Clubs of India". This National Association of Past Tablers provides a lot of support to our service activity.
Round Table India is a member of Round Table International.
The one major source of fund-raising by Round Table India apart from receiving donations from Corporates is the sale of Greeting Cards. Every year Round Table India releases exquisitely designed Greeting Cards for sale to Corporates and individuals. The substantial funds we raise from this effort goes to fund our community service efforts.
Keeping the millions of under-privileged children in mind, we declared our Long Term National Project as "Freedom Through Education (FTE)". We believe that true freedom for an individual comes only through EDUCATION.
Over the last few years, Round Tables in India have really put in a lot of effort to provide infrastructure in schools. By now, RTI has been successful in building over 1200 schools at a cost of over Rs. 80 crores benefiting over 7 lakh children.
3 State Governments played a significant role in supporting our efforts of "Freedom through Education", the Government of Andhra Pradesh, which has contributed over Rs.30 Million through the "Janmabhoomi" Scheme, the Government of Tamil Nadu which has contributed over Rs.10 Million through the "Namakku Naamae" Scheme and the Government of Karnataka under the "Project Paathashaala" Initiative.
There are seven chapters of Round Table India in Pune. To mark National Publicity Day, all tablers( term for individual member), on 10th Nov 2009, a cycle rally was planned to promote the brand and awareness.
As per the plans, tablers started assembling in front of the crowded SGS mall, by 4.30 onwards. Some had driven the cycles, some had innovatively arranged for tempos, vans to transport the cycles. The twinkers( a term for children in tabling) and ladies were in great number and enthusiasm. By around 5:15 we kicked off the rally.. Tablers had printed the stickers, route-map and a cap with round table details. It was really a great design and other follow-up work. Those were distributed. Few tables also managed to get on the two wheelers. Placards were held by pillion riders. There was a car behind the cyclist where the main flex was printed. To top the cavalcade of around 15 two wheelers, 2 cars and around 40 cyclists was a police van provided by the commissioner thanks to the police permission taken. Normally they don't allow on crowded Sunday evenings. The commissioner was impressed by Round Table activities. He had personally directed the staff. There was PA system warning other traffic to make way for us. There were curious onlookers at the mall and throughout asking what its all bout. We then had a pamphlet to give for such curious people. The route took East Street till the 110 hoarding. It turned on MG road, again from westend till Poona club. We had photo ops near Inox. Then we turned back near alankar talkies , sadhu wasvani chowk, Nehru memorial and back to SGS mall.
Twinklers on their small bikes were the toast of evening. The enthusiasm and resolve to complete the rally was great. Ladies added glamour quotient thus adding further curious onlookers. There was great traffic on all these roads and am sure our message must have reached at least 20 to 30 thousand people in that area. Thanks to some great traffic management done by volunteers with of course help from police announcements. Following was the attendance from respective tables
Upon conclusion of the rally, there was photo session and pamphlet distribution done by Twinklers and Tablers. The twinkler enthusiasm was appreciated by large SGS Sunday evening crowd. The onlookers were curious about Round Table and that was the objective. They were given pamplets which explained a lot Must say a great solidarity of Pune Tablers and a really enjoyable and effective Publicity events.

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