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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Edition 5: Tin Can Candle

Are you bored of having dinner under the same electric lights? Here is something to light up your family meal time.

The things you need:
1. An empty soft drink can or a tin
2. A hammer
3. A few nails
4. A 15-inch long wire

Step 1: On the outside part of a can, draw any pattern that you like.

Step 2: With the nail tips, hammer holes of various sizes, according to the pattern that you have drawn. Be sure to make two holes near the top, on opposite sides, for stringing a handle.

Step 3: String the wire through the holes at the top and secure the ends by winding the wire a couple of times around the holes.
You can use a small bit of plastic clay to fix the candle to the bottom of the can. Your lantern is ready to brighten up your dinner time. And watch out for the exciting shadows it throws.

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