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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Edition 5: Feedback : Winners and about car wash

Photos of winners of quiz: Kritti Dwivedi VIth Orchid and Chirag Jain: 4Th DAV

Reader writes about carwash

I was in my lobby, and i saw two guys filling buckets, one guy with a hose pipe indulging in car wash. In my colony there are atleast 60 cars. Assuming average 10 lit per car (moderate estimate), my society uses potable water of almost 600 lits of water. I have a guess that pune has 400000 cars in pune.
I assume that 75% of them wash their cars daily. (Conservative estimate). So every day 3000000 (3 million litres of water) Who cares , what's the solution: Cars have to be washed (I being an owner feel this need), Water processing at society outlets for non toilet drains (need expert advice from civil engineers), Rainwater harvesting, bore water,
And I have read somewhere some native tribes in remote parts walk over 15km to get 2 litres of water to drink....
We should think about those guys all we car owners in cities....
A concerned reader

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