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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Edition 8: Adverbs

Adverbs (kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne) tell us more information about verbs. For example,

Mary went to a movie yesterday Mary kaa-la si-ne-maa-laa ge-lee ho-tvee
Your boods are here tvu-ze pu-stva-ka ye-the aa-he
Take this medicine twice a day he au-hsha-dha dvi-wa-saa-tvoo-na dvo-na-dvaa ghyaa-we
The hare runs fast (swiftly) sa-saa tvu-ru-tvu-ru pa-hla-tvo

In the above sentences the words kaa-la (yesterday), ye-the (here), dvo-na-dvaa (twice) and tvu-ru-tvu-ru
(fast or swiftly) express or give more information about verbs in the sentence. These words tell us as when,where , how or how many times or how frequently the action has taken place or has occurred.
Adverbs (kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne) are classified or grouped as per the meaning they express or denote
eg. Time, place, number, quality, frequency etc;

1. Adverbs of Time (kaa-la-waa-cha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
2. Adverbs of Manner (pra-kaa-ra-dva-r-sha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
3. Adverbs of Place (stha-hla-waa-cha-ka or sthi-tvi-dva-r-sha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
4. Adverbs of Frequency (aa-wru-Tvee-dva-r-sha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
5. Adverbs of Quality (pa-ri- maa-tna-waa-cha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
6. Interrogative Adverbs (pra-shnaa-r-tha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)

ADVERBS OF TIME (kaa-la-waa-cha-ka kri-yaa-wi-she-hsha-tne)
Some examples: ha-Llee (at present; now a days), kaa-la (yesterday),
u-dvyaa (tomorrow) ke-N-whaa or ka-dhee (when?)

Now-a-days it is not Available ha-Lle he mi-hla-tv naa-hee.
When is Marry expected? Mary ke-N-whaa ye-tnaa-ra aa-he? OR Mary ka-dhee ye-tnaa-ra aa-he?
She is expected tomorrow. Tvee udvyaa ye-ee-la.
Office was close yesterday. Kaa-la office ba-Ndva ho-tve.

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