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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Edition 8: Orange Flavor

New Year New Story
During some cricket series, there was an ad released by Fevicol. Theme of ad is that a small girl sticks moustache for a Drama assumingly using fevicol and that cannot be removed throughout her life and even after that. The creators of the ad had expected humor as tone. But it carries much deeper meaning than that. Glancing across various stages of life in 5 to 6 seconds is what makes one pensive and closer to realities of life. Having celebrated another year end it can make one feel further pensive. Time is running out. It stops for no one. But later one should realize that what matters is journey how well you have enjoyed it. That's what makes difference. And your time is not up.... It's a new year a new canvass for you to draw a new picture, a new page for you to write your story. Whatever has happened is past. What matters is larger picture with small steps to match that. Do have a plan. Match your plan with action. Always create a delta towards your goal. Don't waste time. Be healthy. Spend time with loved ones. Enjoy small things in life. Do help others.
Its easy to advise. But it is hard to follow. How many new year resolutions we have broken?
In this New Year Cityblog has a resolution to educate, provoke thoughts, act as forum and provide some interesting reading for whole family.
New year has also greater challenges for us here in Pune. Swine Flu is still at large. We don't know how monsoon will behave this year. We need to solve traffic problems. Sudden strike from auto rickshaws was the first calamity of this year for Pune people. As citizens we don't have say in anything. We just need to suffer.
Young readers will have exams soon. We have seen some sad suicides as a result of pressure. We advise parents to communicate with their wards effectively. That will facilitate them to act as guiding light for those in real need of support in difficulties. How you do the communication is important. Life is beautiful. Try to make your wards feel so.
Play with your children. Advise to young readers to take a chill pill. Enjoy everything even exams. Talk more with your parents.
As a country we have daunting energy crisis. Inflation has reached unsustainable proportions. Regional politics, naxalism, separatism, has to be dealt deftly and terrorism has to be dealt decisively. We need cleaner and greener cities. We need better roads, infrastructure. We need more inclusive and effective education. We need to convert our population into advantage.
On world stage, Farce of Copenhagen has created doubts if really human being can be made to sense and realize how big crisis we are into.
But this year comes with Hope. Cityblog believes that we can make difference and we will. Watch out for some effective initiatives from Cityblog.

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