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Friday, January 29, 2010

Edition 9: Cleanliness

This edition of Cityblog is dedicated to the Cleanliness of our Cities, Towns & Homes. Cityblog will take active role in effecting changes which we need around us very urgently.
Dear Readers,
This edition of Cityblog is dedicated to cleanliness. We think that India should take its eminent position amongst the countries of world. To reach there, it is very important to have clean cities and better life for residents. Our cities are dirty. Our rivers are polluted. Our air is polluted. We have diseases all round. Even our villages have their share of filthiness except maybe better water and air.
Cleanliness refers not only to the way we tend to our hygiene, but also to the care we take to maintain and cherish all aspects of our environments (inner and outer) within our control.
Cleanliness is often a daily ritual in the house and soul of setting things to rights, whether they are dishes, tools, or conscience. It may refer to purging ourselves of the clutter and other impediments that prevent us from moving forward with our work and play. The act of being cleanly does not refer to being “spotless”, but to the art of moving through the day making choices that increase the well-being and functionality of ourselves and those around us.
Government has very important and proactive role to play. We need proper, massive, scientific and corruption free plans and actions to improve this situation. But that should not be all. Its upon us individuals to make this long term sustainable scenario. We need to keep our environment clean. We have listed some simple steps to achieve the result. If you have more such ideas or initiatives, do write us. If you have taken such initiative then we can publish those. We need to recognize good efforts in the society. That's what cityblog is all about. It's a collective movement.
We have given house cleaning tips. We talk about sewage treatment plants in science section even citizen blog talks about how we behave differently abroad and here in India.
We feel these values must be inculcated in the schools. Our young readers will turn into responsible citizens of our clean cities in 2020. Vision 2020. We appeal to schools to respond us with their cleanliness drives which we promise to publish.
We have dedicated this edition to cleanliness. We will in this year dedicate editions to causes very important and relevant. Your suggestions are welcome.
Citiblog promises to do things differently. We are really moved by your encourage-ment.
At our homes most of us observe cleanliness very meticulously but, when we go out we totally ignore cleanliness. We need to change.
We wish you a very happy Republic day. Let us on this republic day resolve to keep our cities clean….

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