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Friday, January 29, 2010

Edition 9; Everyday Expressions


Yes ho, ho-ya

No na-ko, naa-hee
Please kru-pa-yaa, kru-paa ka-roo-na

Excuse me ksha-maa a-sa-wee,

Is that so? Kha-ra-cxh?

Thank you dha-Nya-waa-dva

I don’t know ma-laa maa-hi-tv naa-hee

Good luck shu-bhe-chchhaa
What is that? Tve kaa-ya aa-he
What do you tvu-Mhee-hyaa-laa

call this? Kaa-ya mha-tna-tvaa?

What do you tvu-Mhe tvyaa-

call that? Kaa-ya mha-tna-tvaa?

What does hyaa-cxhaa a-

this mean? Kaa-ya?

What does tvyaa-cxhaa a-rtha

that mean? Kaa-ya?

Where is the swa-ya-M-paa-ka

kitchen? gha-ra ku-tdhe aa-he?

I am in hurry mee ghaa-eetv aa-he

We want to aa-mhaa-laa sha-hara /

see the City gaa-wa ba-ghaa-ya-cxha

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