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Friday, January 29, 2010

Edition 9 : House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home not only makes it shine like new and more hygienic but the process itself provides you with adequate physical exercise to keep you fit and healthy.
It can be the positive point that you can meditate upon to prepare yourself to start and finish the arduous cleaning projects and its innumerable chores. Start cleaning your house with a positive attitude and you will find that you can actually enjoy the whole thing. Remember that you are doing the cleaning to give yourself an organized, tidy and sanitary environment and safe and healthy place to live in to your family. Taking help from the family members and even children will help you spend quality time with them.
Children can do small things like throwing things in the dustbin or collecting small but scattered things and put them in a box. This will also make them learn the need to keep things in place and keep their room tidy. They will also learn the value of keeping things organized. Besides the daily cleaning chores like sweeping the floors and cleaning kitchen countertop and washing dishes, you can do the rest of the work on weekends and major cleaning during vacations. Regular cleaning will keep your home shining and sparkling and you will take less time to give it a new look. Plan the most tiresome tasks for the specific fixed time of the day, when your energy level is highest and it should be essential for everybody in the household to clean and organize their own rooms to reduce your burden.
To generate a checklist for your house cleaning process is not a tough job. Make it once and you will have the benefit of minimizing your precious time, while you think for the arrangements to be made for your house cleaning. Making a checklist for house cleaning purpose is to give you knowledge about 'How much time will be consumed?',' How tiresome it will be','how good it will be' and so on. When you are going to make the checklist for the first time, better make a list of the tasks, which consumes major time in doing the task. For example, laundries, soaking the curtains are few to say. Make sure you have listed the tasks in store for you. Read further to know about few general checklist issues for cleaning your house.
Where To Begin House Cleaning
Start with the bathroom first. The most awful place of your house, your bathroom is the first place to clean. Then move on to the kitchen. This is the second irksome place that needs the cleaning then and there. As soon as you cleanup these two places, you will feel relieved as if you have done much of the entire cleaning process. Then go for the laundry task and then for cleaning the floors and so on.
Take Time Off Between Cleaning
Cleaning process of your house is not something fun to most people. This extra effort to keep your home finicky and hygienic can actually be kept light by making time to take coffee, watching TV or listening to some good music in between the schedule.
Open Up The Windows During & After Cleaning
As we use lot of chemical based cleansers, it's important to keep all the windows open for some time to let a fresh air inside the house. This will help you, stay away from getting infected with these harsh cleansers
General Tips For Cleaning Your Toilet
u Keep the door and windows of your toilet open when not in use or switch on the exhausts for fresh air supply.
u Splash a powder or detergent cleaner along the sides of the seat and beneath the rim, clean with a toilet brush and flush it with excess of water.
u It is advisable to use rubber gloves while lifting the toilet seat.
u Flush the toilet every time you use it to keep the sidewalls unsoiled.
Other Cleaning Tips For Bathrooms
u After each use, give your bathtub a fast wipe with a soft cloth or a sponge.
u Once in a week, wash the bathtub with a detergent, which is mild in nature, specially manufactured for this purpose.
u As a preventive measure, avoid using rough cleaners or steel wool on fiber or acrylic finished tubs.
u Use an all-purpose cleaner on the wall of the tub and allow it to get disinfected for some minutes and then rinse it off to see the sparkling effect.
u To keep the tiles clean, use a tile cleaner, scrub carefully with it and rinse well every alternate day.
u The plastic shower curtains in your bathroom require frequent cleaning. Once in a week, wash it and then treat it with chlorine bleach.
u Your shower doors, at times, get messed up with the soap foam. To clean this, mix up very little quantity of ammonia with half-bucket water and fill this solution into a spray bottle. Spray this on the doors and scrub with a brush. Rinse now to get the spotless effect.
u Your showerhead also needs regular checkups. For this, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it up on the showerhead and leave it overnight to get the best result.
Cleaning is the most arduous task that housewives often complain of. Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and living room is even more difficult because of the heavy traffic in the area. But sanitation and hygiene is essential to keep healthy and fit. Most of us have heard from our elders that most of the illnesses and diseases breed in dirty kitchens. So, here are some easy steps to clean your kitchen:
u Wipe out the spills over the kitchen tiles at the earliest possible. Use soft detergent for this purpose.
u The light fixtures in the kitchen get more dust, dirt and grime than the ones in the other rooms. Use a wet scrubber to clean the grease on the lights of your kitchen.
u Cleaning Refrigerators: The enamel-coated surface of your refrigerator is easy to clean regularly with an all-purpose cleaner. Use a soft cloth or a sponge to remove the tough stain. Avoid using tough cleansers. The humid top surface of your refrigerator has to be cleaned with a liquid dish washing cleaner. To clean the racks of your refrigerator, again use a mild cleanser with a sponge.
u Cleaning Stovetops: Dismantle before cleaning your stove and keep the top parts and the rings aside. Use a dishwasher to wash the body of the stove and use a soft cloth to whip to get the spotless effect. Soak the rings in a detergent solution for some time and rub it with a mesh made out of plastic, then wash away the dirt by holding the stove parts in running water. Dry for some time before using.
u Glassware cleaning: Use lukewarm water to clean the glassware and let it dry normally.
u Oven racks cleaning: Cover your oven racks and soak them for overnight with ammonia. The next morning, wash them up with dish soap.
U Cleaning kitchen exhaust: To clean the dirt that is powerful and tough, apply a mixture of baking soda and water on it and let it soak for about couple of hours. Now, clean with white vinegar.

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