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Friday, January 29, 2010

Edition 9: Unclean Cities of India

Forbes magazine says Mumbai is the dirtiest among the 25 dirtiest cities in the world and also is same with Delhi, Bangalore is among the 20 densest cities, according to the Forbes magazine.
The US business magazine also lists Sukinda in Orissa and Vapi in Gujarat among the 10 most polluted places globally.
While listing Mumbai as the seventh dirtiest, the magazine also cites a recent private sector proposal, Vision Mumbai, which seeks $1 billion government aid for infrastructure, pollution control and economic growth strategy.
Delhi at No.24 fares little better but gets drubbing for the pollution in Yamuna river, which is devoid of marine life and where "garbage and sewage flow freely, creating a rich environment for the growth of water-borne diseases contributing to extremely high rates of infant morbidity.”
In India around 8 lakh people die because of pollution of air, water and land, and the cost of such deaths is Rs 2,00,000 crore.
In lieu of this report Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh said “Our cities are the dirtiest of the world. If there is a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India will win it.”
Things could improve, the minister said, once Parliament approved the National Green Tribunal Bill in the winter session. R.K. Pachauri, head of TERI, warned that if India failed to act soon to protect its environment, its economic growth would be impeded.
The fact was well known but no one said it and finally we are hearing the truth from the minister himself.
CityBlog provides some simple steps to be followed individually by us to change this dubious distinction.
1. Educate the people about it. Creating awareness among all in our society,
2. Do not use plastic bag. By using as minimum as possible all plastic related products like, bags, cups etc, as these are all non biodegradable. Use plastic bags only when unavoidable. Dispose these bags properly
3. Do not through garbage in the open area.
4. Grow plants.
5. Use solar energy because it does not produse residue.
6. Taking initiative of cleaning our surroundings clean. Residents of societies can come together and try to clean the areas nearby on holidays, chance by chance.
7. By Constant and regular check up our vehicles.
8. By using proper fuel for our vehicles.
9. By implementing proper waste recycle units.
10. Avoid spitting & passing urine at public places or roadside
11. Use dustbins provided by corporation
12. Don't wash animals, vehicles in river water
13. Don't allow water to stagnate as it will provide a breeding place for mosquitoes
14. Stray animals also contribute a lot in making the surroundings dirty. They should be taken proper care of.
Let the government do what it can but let citizen also contribute to the cause.

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