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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edition 10: Colors & Time

Red laa-l, tvaa-M-ba-daa
White paa-n-dhva-raa
Black kaa-hlaa
Green hi-ra-waa
Blue ni-hlaa
Yellow pi-wa-hlaa
Orange naa-ra-N-gee
Violet jxaa-M-bha-hlaa
Grey ka-ra-daa
Lighter Color fi-kkaa ra-N-ga,
Dark Color ga-da-dva ra-N-ga
Calendar (dvi-na-dva-r-shi-kaa )
In Maharashtra, western calendar is widely followed in business and everyday life. The week is of seven days but days are named differently than English names. The festivals and traditional events are observed according to pa-N-chaa-N-ga (almanac).
For all practical purposes Marathi people follow English calendar. So, all month names are same as that in English.
Year wa-r-hsha
Month ma-hee-naa
Week aa-tha-wa-daa
Sunday ra-wi-waa-r
Monday so-ma-waa-r
Tuesday ma-N-ga-hla-waa-r
Wednesday bu-dha-waa-r
Thursday gu-ru-waa-r
Friday shu-kra-waa-r
Saturday sha-ni-waa-r

TIME (we-hl)
Day dv-wa-s
Hour tvaa-s
Minure mi-nee-t
Second se-ka-Ndva, ksha-tna
Evening sa-N-dhyaa-kaa-hl
Afternoon dvu-paa-r,
Night raa-tvra
Morning sa-kaa-hl
Midnight ma-dhya-raa-tvra
Dawn pa-haa-t

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