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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edition 10: Finger Puppet


Make a finger puppet for your little sister, and watch her squeal with joy.
Things you need:
1. Bits of card sheets or thick paper.
2. Sketch pen or crayons.
3. Fevicol.
4. Scissors.

Step 1: Draw the outline of a figure that you want to make a puppet of. It could be a human puppet, an animal, a bird or even inanimate objects like a time piece, or a bucket. Let your imagination run wild. Draw a crazy figure.
Step 2: Colour it and cut out the figure on the outline.
Step 3: Take a strip of paper (6x2cm). Make a ring out of it. Stick this ring on the back of the cutout.

Step 4: Put the ring on your finger and see how the puppet moves.

General Post Office 26127825
Shivaji Ngr. Post Office 25533505
City Post Office 24475058
City Post Office 24475714
Smashan Bhumi 24532020
Kailas Smashan Bhumi 26124123
Yerwada Smashan
Bhumi 26614222
Mukti Dham
Smashan Bhumi 65265320
Akashwani 25533398
Akashwani 25533388
Pune Heart Brigade 25441465
Pune Heart Brigade 105
Police Emergency
Control Room 100
Police Exchange 26122202
Police Exchange 25532041
Ghat Enquiry 25819301
Pune Rly. Stn. 26126575
Pune Rly. Stn. 131/133
Shivjinagar Rly. Stn. 25536092
S.T. Pune Station 26126218
Shivajinagar 25536970
S.T. Swargate 24441591
PMPL 24440417
Airport Authority 26685201
Indian Airlines 24260938
Air India 26128190
Chest Hospital 27280237
Man. Hosp. 2402300
Deendayal Hosp. 25652497
E.S.I.S. 27282223
Accident Hosp. 25535326
Jehangir Hospital 26122551
K.E.M. Hospital 26125600
Kotabagi Hospital 25882770
Lifeline Multisp. 25411921
Lokmanya Hosp.
(Chinchwd) 27456496
Ruby Hall 26123391
Ruby Hall 4028888

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