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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edition 10: Readers feedback

Dear Readers
Response to our cleanliness edition was excellent. Following are few comments which we got for cleanliness edition:
The house cleaning tips were really useful. We really look forward to such useful tip.
Deepali Modi, Aundh
Please highlight efforts for National Society for clean cities which is operational in India. Such initiatives will really help. To know more please visit
Amruta Jagtap, Pashan
Keep the lakes and creeps clean
Then beauty is what is seen
Working-together don't pollute
Citizens are proud Like soldiers who salute Clean surroundings can make even a mundane house feel like a treasured home. Everyone enjoys his space more fully while taking advantage of numerous health and wellness benefits. One has to understand the importance of having a simple, organized home, and take steps towards creating an atmosphere that aids home relaxation, and have your home the way you want it, you will want to hold onto the sense of peace and order you have created. It's easy for busy people to backslide into messy surrounding after a few weeks. So here are some important steps mentioned to keep the surroundings clean:- 1)Clean regularly, 2) Stay organized, 3) Hire a helper, 4) Create peaceful zones, 5) Use your machine, 6) Avoid telemakers and junk mails, 7) Automatic bill payment & 8) Don't stress over a little mess.5th September, The World Environment Day is a symbolic indication of understanding the value of society. Cleanliness depends as much on people's habits as on the effectiveness of a town council. Spot checks are not an ideal way to gauge how clean an estate is. When I see litter It makes me mad It makes our Earth look bad. When I see a field full of litter It makes me bitter. So please put your trash in can That's a very good plan!
Urmi Chowdury
The environment in which we live plays a pivotal role in our health and exuberant life. Grubby and squalid surrounding fosters deadly germs, bacteria and disease carriers that can imperil the health and wealth of a locality as a whole. Hence it is an intrinsic requisite of any society to keep its surroundings clean and tidy. Almost all of you spruce up your homes by sweeping, dusting and mopping and make it a heaven for you, but often carelessly throw the garbage outside on the sides of nearby alleys, by-lanes, streets or on open grounds.
During the morning leisure walk we often come across people spitting, urinating and even defecating with impunity, especially so in the rural areas and outskirts of the cities. It is often not a willful act, but compulsive due to lack of proper sanitary arrangements near around. In the past various models and approaches were tried to clear away these debris and to keep the surroundings clean. But the results were, more or less, unpromising. The participatory involvement of local people only can ensure clean environment. Sensitize the general public on this burning issue and create widespread environmental and civic awareness by promoting community/street dwellers directly to involve in a voluntary effort in waste collection, removal, and recycling by forming small associations of 'green keepers' and keeping their environ-ment clean and green.
VR Nair
In this edition, we talk about energy. We take a look at energy crisis impending on us and how we need to explore alternate energy. For country like India, solar energy is something we feel a need to tap more effective. We need great R&D efforts to overcome challenges. We remain to be silent on nuclear energy due to international politics involved, but safety remains a great concern looking at what happened at Kaiga recently as well as at Chernobyl few decades earlier. We need some inputs from experts regarding this topic. Cityblog is open for discussion. We have full fledged online blog for all of you to raise your comments. You can send your inputs about how power wastage is happening around you.

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