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Monday, March 8, 2010

Edition 11: Help sankalp

Many of us in Pune would have been to Panshet/sinhagad/khadakwasala side for Picnic many times. If next time you go that side, its my request to make a visit to Sankalp Orphanage just 2 km before panshet phata on right side of road. It will help you with a new shocking insight to life.
We at Round table 105 had arranged a visit to school which we plan to build near khadakwadi. Later plan was to go to Tr shantanu's farmhouse and have some fun. It was suggested by Tr Shantanu's mother to visit and support that. And we were not prepared for the scenes we witness once we entered inside the establishment. I clicked the snaps from outside. I did not have daring and it would not have been proper on my side to take snaps of the plight of residents there. Guys, I urge all who had not witnessed the scenes, to take 10 mins out of their numereth picnics towards sinhagad, panshet, khadakwasala side to thank the almighty for whatever comforts he has provided us till date. We are sheer lucky. How unfortunate can those souls be whom we met that day. The children were orphans abandoned and add to that they were mentally challenged (here I cannot use politically correct word Differently abled: all politics can be forgotten). The stench coming from rooms indicated their failure of their control over their bodies. One guy was tied up as he did not seem to have any control over emotions. We cannot forget the five year old infant who wished us by folding his hands which was so polite (and compare that with today's next gen who are privileged). Then we met old people abandoned by their families. We were shell shocked as we came out. As we had already spoken to management team (who are doing excellent job in those gloomy conditions), they needed blankets. We immediately coordinated with Tr Amol to buy and dispatch 50 blankets asap. Within ourselves we promised to support this establishment in whatever capacity in coming years. There were ideas like donating monthly drinks / eating out expenses individually.
Life is unfair. Most of the time we complaint that we have not got enough. we strive for more. These scenes give you a perspective. For me it was an astound resolve to do whatever to help them in my capacity and i wish to almighty to grant this wish to let me help them better.

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