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Monday, March 8, 2010

Edition 11: Traffic Statistics in Pune

According to study done by the DMRC for metro project, majority of respondents chose two wheelers as their preferred vehicle. They were almost half in size as 41% of the respondents say they will ride their own vehicle. 24% of respondents chose public bus and 6% would like to take company bus. Train was said to be preferred ride for 18% people and 9% would like to go in their cars.
The problem with the public transport in Pune is that it can not cater to the public at large. Many areas in the city are not approached by the public transport vehicle such as PMPML buses. Unlike in Mumbai, where majority of the areas are covered by the local trains and BEST services fully compliment the trains, very few people are dependent on the local trains. That puts additional burden on the PMPML service.
Second most used medium for transport in the city is autorickshaw. The rising prices of petrol and other fuels more often than not disturbs the tariff pattern of autorickshaws. Also, the citizens have to face strike by auto drivers for their various demands. In the last six months, the drivers have gone on strike twice. As the city expands to newer limits, a need for better transport facility arises simultaneously. Therefore the citizens have switched over to their own vehicles so that they do not face any inconvenience in travelling from one stop to another.
In this backdrop, the planners of city have to devise a way so that the commuters in the city do not face any probem in reaching their destinations. Also, people have largely shown their inclination towards owning their own vehicles instead of chosing the public service vehicles.
Not only this trend has created problems for parking space in city, but also contributed to the pollution of air & noise. The administrators are already in a fix over allotting new spaces for the parking of two wheelers and four wheelers. Experiments like angular parking and parallel parking have failed to yield any results in this direction.
Those who opt for their on vehicle will now have to shell out more money as prices of petrol are set to go up as also PMC has decided to increase service tax on vehicles. The central government has been given a report to increased the prices of fuels, including LPG. This will mean that the problems faced by private vehicle owners are only to grow leaving little option for them except opting for the public service vehicles.
Share with us which mode of transport would you like to take to travel within the city limits and why? What improvements would you like to see in it?
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Projected Vehicle Ownership of Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad
YEAR TW/1000 Cars/1000 TW/1000 Cars/1000
2001 257 42 152 17
2011 391 86 305 45
2021 437 124 404 88
2031 447 141 438 124

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