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Monday, March 8, 2010

Edition 11: Visits and Introductions

Learn Marathi-Visits & Introductions
English Marathi
What is your name? tvu-ze naa-wa kaa-ya ?
(Amonst friends; to a younger)
What is your name ? tvu-ma-cxhe naa-wa kaa-ya?
(To strangers or elderly,
What is your name ? aa-pa-le naa-wa kaa-ya?
I am John mee j.o-na OR maa-ze naa-wa j.o-na aa-he.
Do you know him? tvu-mhee tvyaa-n-naa o-hla-kha-tvaa kaa?
Allow me to introduce her yaa, mee tvu-ma-chee tvyaa-Nchyaa-shee
(respectful) o-hlakh ka-roo-n dve-tvo
May I ask who you are? aa-pa-lee o-hla-kh kaay?
May I ask you who you are? aa-pa-tna ko-tna?
Here is my card he maa-ze kaa-rda
How do you do? tvu-mhee kase aa-haa-tv?
I am pleased to meet you tvu-mhaa-laa bhe-too-n aa-na-N-dva zaa-laa.
Are you Mr. Patil? tvu-mhee paa-tee-la kaa?
How is your son? aa-pa-laa mu-la-gaa ka-saa-aa-he?
How is your father? aa-pa-le-wa-di-l ka-se-aa-hetva?
How is your mother? aa-pa-lyaa aa-ee ka-shaa aa-hetv?
Do you speak English? tvu-mhee i-n-gli-sh bo-la-tvaa kaa?
I don’t speak your language well ma-laa tvu-ma-chee bhaa-hshaa chaa-N-
ga-lee bo-la-tvaa ye-tva naa-hee
Please speak slowly kru-pa-yaa saa-wa-kaa-sha bo-laa
Please repeat kaa-ya mha-tnaa-laa-tv?
Would you please come to tvu-mhee maa-zya gha-ree ra-wi-waa-ree
my house on Sunday? yaa-la kaa?
Will you have a cup of tea? cha-haa ghe-tnaa-ra?
Please come in yaa, aa-tva yaa naa
Please be seated yaa, ba-saa
May I offer you tho-da khaa-ya-laa cxhaa-le-l naa?
something to eat?
I like coffee ma-laa k.o-fee aa-wa-da-tve
It has been long time tvu-mhaa-laa bhe-too-n ba-re-cxh
since I saw you dvi-wa-s zaa-le
Good bye, I had a ba-raa-ya, maa-zaa we-hla chhaa-na ge-laa
delightful time

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