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Friday, March 26, 2010

Edition 13: Police Commissioner’s Mission Mrityunjay shows the way

Even though the incidents of terror have arrived in the city, the top cop of Pune says the citizens can very well prevent the untoward incidents. The need is to be alert and vigilant and way out is the Mission Mrityunjay, which is all about reaching to students in keeping a vigil on the city. The recent bomb blast in German Bakery shook the city of Pune iside out. It exposed the fact that this city is as vulnerable as any other city in India or in the world, for that matter. This fact was only reiterated by P. Chidambaram, union minister of home. Many say it is a systemic failure of the administration.
Before we say that the blast has brought on fore the weaknesses police and other security and intelligence agencies, we thought it better to have word from the top cop of the city. He outlined how the alertness of citizens can avoid the recurrences of such incidents in future.
Dr. Satyapal Singh, commissioner of police, informed City Blog that police are taking up the Mission Mrityunay capmpaign to more students. “We are focussing more on High Schools now. We have already reached to more than 200 schools and colleges,” he said. Here is what he said about the current situation:
On Terrorism
Today terrorism has become a monster. It has no preference for any caste or creed, race or religion, country or community.
The roots of terrorism lie in the mind. We have to think why terrorist are being created, how people are lured into it. A man addicted to drug The first priority for us should be to have an objective education. Differences based on caste, creed and nation are giving birth to the terrorism. I do not say this evil can be uprooted from the earth but we can at least minimize its spread.
Hence, the focus of Mission Mrityunjay is to create good human beings with objective education. The aim is to create people with scientific temperament who do not subscribe to radical ideologies. Our message is
“Alertness is our religion,” and “Making others alert is our mission.”
Sutra of Alertness
To be alert is a 24 hours duty. It is not a job of only policemen. To fight against terrorism, you have first to be aware of the dangers of the terrorism.
The terrorism is man made disaster and it is to be fought that way. Any strange activity, person or thing must be recorded and should be immediately notified to police. Anything strange is dangerous, this is the basic principle of scecurity. Those who make noise on human rights have no real good intentions. Almost 90 percent of them are the blackmailers. I never entertain them. When somebody complainst to me about policemen, I say to them, ‘please, you work on the road for an hour and then only you will stop complaining “
The word Mrityumjay means victory over death. It is mean to inculcate a sense of fearlessness in the minds of those who participate in the programme. Needless to say, children makes a perfect choice for the participation in these kinds of the programme with their impressionable minds.
Under the Mission Mrityunjay, clubs are formed in the schools and colleges. College students as members will help cops gather information on anti-social activities. After recent blast in German Bakery, Pune police revived Mission Mrityunjay. The police conducted security awareness meetings in 57 educational institutes and colleges.
The city police contacted about 32,670 students, teachers and other staff members on a single day. At MIT College in Kothrud, around 15,000 students, 5,000 students at the Modern College and 500 foreign students at the Symbiosis College were covered.
The police officers informed students and teachers about terror strikes and the nature of explosives. This mission was started in in August 2008. Since then, the police conducted meetings and lectures in 218 schools and colleges. These clubs have been established in 103 colleges and 21 schools with 6,771 students being its members.
Poverty Behind Terrorism Is Myth
Dr. Satyapal Singh is also an avid blogger and writes mainly on the spiritual subjects. In one of his posts, he shared his thoughts on terrorism. You can read the blog at
The biggest myth associated with terrorism is that it is rooted in frustrations, poverty and social economic backwardness. Scholars like Alan Krueger and Jitka Maleckova, have shown that the terrorists are not poor people nor they are from poor societies. Poverty does not cause terrorism and prosperity does not cure it.
We all know that Osama bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim, world’s most wanted terrorists, are billionaires. The terrorists come from places which have a concentration of radical preachers.
The first and foremost requirement to tackle terrorism is to counter this radical ideology. Unless the radical ideology and their preachers are neutralized or effectively countered the respective crop of terrorists will keep on resurfacing and growing.
How to impact the minds of the youth to divert them from the path of hate, intolerance and violence, how to demotivate the believers from the clutches of false dreams of an all-blissful paradise are some of the vital questions which require the urgent attention of psychologists, educationists, strategists, parents, politicians and planners.
The plurality of religions is creating contradictions and conflict in society. If all religions lead to peace and happiness, then what is the need for variety ? If they are different and contradictory, then how can they lead to harmony and peace ? The truth is that the common concepts and practices in all religions are scientific, beneficial and true.
This commonality and this core of religions is called Dharma. Intellectuals, not religious teachers, of the world have to come on a single platform and declare that religion means only one: thing the courage to follow righteousness or right conduct in life. The core of religion is what we expect of others, we must do to others.

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