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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Edition 14: Maya Bankar

Discipline Needed For All
More than 50 policemen were lined up for the bandobast at the police recruitment which is on at the police headquarter ground at Shivajinagar. The policemen as well as candidates who wanted to be one needed water and other amenities but those were not at hand.
Maya Bankar, police inspector (crime branch) was at the ground since 5:30 AM and was tried to fetch the water tanker at the site. However, her calls were either left unanswered or routed to one after another officer. “I am on the verge of frustration calling these people. It seems the only entity having the discipline is policemen,” she said.­
Coming from Nagpur, Bankar has almost completed her year in the city and currently serving at the Shviajinagar police station. She likes the city and said, “The weather as well as people here are friendly. One can not help but like it.”
Joined in the year 1989, Bankar has four more years in the service. She is apalled at the indiscipline and unresponsiveness seen in the other governmental departments. Even of her own departments, she has some reserved opinions. “Yes, there are officers who do not treat the people well. Because of these people, whole department gets a bad reputation. Prsonally, I try to communicate and cosole each person coming to the men in uniform,” she said.­
Recounting one such incident, she said, “Here was a youth of 24 years whose brother was missing for many days. The poor chap tried to knock doors at many places but did not get any help. A lady constable brought the man to me. Immediately, I talked to him and dictated his complaint myself. The man was so overhelmed, he expressed gratitude towards the department.”
Working at Pune, Bankar has put her hand on many important cases during one year. Prominent among them is the gangrape case of a girl near Shivajinagar station. The case was highlighted in media last month. “I investigated the case and arrested all accused in the case. One among them was a handicapped person,” she recounted.
Another case involved that of corruption in a credit society in which all accused were apprehended.
Communication Needed
On the communication gap between police and public, Bankar said, “I always say that no person comes to the police station on his own. The circumstances bring him here. After seeking other avenues and failingthere, he comes to police. The man in distress neeeds sympathy and communication.”
A case in point was a number of young candidates who came for the recruitment. Many of them were not allowed to enter the gates of ground after stipulated time. “I requested my seniors to allwo them to come so that they get a fair chance. These people come from so far places and it is not fair to deny them a chance to participate. The request was approved,” she said gleefully.
Family Support a Must
For the success in the career, the support from the family must come. “I have a daughter who is in UK now. My son is a fire engineer and is working in his own field. Most of my relatives in Nagpur area. They have been supportive to me all along hence I am always ready for the duty. Now living alonehere, I am always disposible for the duties,” she said.

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