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Monday, April 26, 2010

Edition 16: CDAC advances on three fronts

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) recently celebrated its 23rd annual day with elan. The organisation which has contributed immensely to the computing in Indian languages, announced release of three new products from their R&D stable. These three products, aimed at three different spheres of application, take to new level of advance for the C-DAC. The products were formally released on March 16 at the hands of Padma Shri Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Founder Director, C-DAC and Chairman, ETH Research Labs as part of the 23rd Foundation Day celebrations. They are GenoPipe (A tool for high thoroughput comparative genomics of prokaryotes), SEISTOM (A seismic traveltime tomography package), and LIPS Live (Language Independent Programme Subtitles Live). On the occasion of announcing these products, Rajan T Joseph, Director General, C-DAC said, "It is indeed an emotional moment to look back at the milestones crossed and take stock of our achievements. These products are a showcase of our expertise in technologies ranging from High Performance Computing to Multilingual Computing. We shall certainly look forward towards playing a catalytic role in this." Here is a brief take on what these three products are and how they will help us
GenoPipe Bacterial diseases have always chased humans. Two of the most common bacterial diseases are Tuberculosis and Typhoid, caused by bacteria called Mycobacteria and Salmonella. High throughput genome sequencing and advances in computational biology are technologies that enable us to tackle such diseases. GenoPipe is an automated pipeline for comparative genomics, a very significant step in the analyses of genomic data. The tool is capable of handling multiple bacterial genomes and has been tested on Salmonella and Mycobacterium, the causative agents of Typhoid and Tuberculosis. GenoPipe has been installed on ‘BIOGENE’ a 1TF machine at C-DAC, Pune and the Institute of Animal Health (IAH), UK where it is being used by the scientists.
Seistom Seistom package is a tool that uses seismic waves generated by explosions to create computer-generated, two and three-dimensional images of the Earth's interior. By using arrival times of waves recorded by seismic sensors, SEISTOM can define the geology of the Earth’s sub surface. This information can give scientists an estimate of the composition of the earth’s interior and can help in locating hydrocarbon/ mineral sources etc. inside the earth. It can also be used to study and predict surface stability that plays an important role in the construction of foundations for dams, bridges, water reservoirs etc. Industrial applications for SEISTOM can cover areas like dam construction, bridge constructions, reservoir studies, ground water and mineral/hydrocarbon exploration etc. LIPS Live Language Independent Programme Subtitles Live is a multilingual fully automated Subtitling Suite. It brings the power of multilingual subtitling by facilitating on-the-fly subtitling instead of the cumbersome process of working with video tapes and without any manual intervention. LIPS Live can be easily integrated with the existing playout automation transmission system. The product caters to all official Indian languages as well as international languages. Standard subtitle protocols that differ can also be handled with ease. Easy correction in mismatch of sub-titles with any particular scene can be done in a matter of seconds and as a major plus: it enables searching for a scene through the sub-titles.

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