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Monday, June 7, 2010

Edition 22: DSK Gappa

The DSK Gappa continued its tradition of cultural programmes this year also with an event stretching over four days. This year, celebrity actors and music directors shared their little known secrets with the audience in the events prganised by DSK Foundation. The programmes also came up with the expert opinion on the current trend of reality shows, competition and the attitude of Hindi movie industry towards Marathi artists.

Reality Shows Wasting Talents
On the first day of event, May 6, music directorAshok Patki held responsible reality shows on TV channels for harming the future of budding singers.

He said , “Although reality shows are giving budding singers chance to showcase there talent, at the same time they are binding them in two years contract, they can’t sing anywhere therefore these shows harming the future of talented singer." Patki was speaking in the programme 'Jingles to Cinema'.

While elaborating his opinion Patki Said, "In the period of two years contract singers don't have permission for singing for other channels. During these two years, new batch of singers comes out from the same reality shows. But those two important years of the singer are wasted." Patki was interviewed by Rajesh Damle and Milind Kulkarni.

In the programme, Patki presented some of his memorable compositions like Ketakichya bani tithe nachala ga Mor, Radha hi Bawari, Tang ting tinga, Besides that title songs of serial Wadalwat, Manasi and Jingles like Zandu Balm, Mile Sur Mera tumhara.

CMD of DSK group D.S. Kulkarni, Group Director Hemanti Kulkarni and Assitant General Manager of Maharashtra bank Shrikant Brahme were present at the occasion.

The Homely Stars
Popular sitcom actors of Marathi serials came together to share their secrets of career on the second day of DSK Gappa. Stars like Satish Rajwade (Agnihotra), Sidharth Chandekar (Agnihotra), Sai Tamnankar (Anubandh), Prasad Oak (Avghachi Sansar) along with Mukta Barve (Agnihotra) in “Maliketil Mandali” program.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukta Barve, lead actress of “Jogwa”, the national award winning film said, “We actually lived with Jogte’s to understand their life and that’s how we could portray with conviction the painful life of Jogte’s. Audience’s reaction gives me energy to perform. Apart from good acting skills it’s more important to imbibe the characteristics of that character for total justice”

Singing cum acting sensation Prasad Oak commenced the program with Morya… Morya…song. “Though acting and singing has given me name and fame but ultimately the goal is direction. Late Nilu Phule, Ashok Saraf and Viram Gokhale are my idols and are Live creative University for me,” Oak said,

Young and happening Siddharth Chandekar attributed his success to “Agnihotra” and considered it to be his turning point of professional life. “Until and unless I am convinced about my character I do not accept any role” said Sai Tamhankar. Sudhir Gadgil and Rajesh Damle compered the program in a lively manner.

Saraf Lashes Out At Bollywood

Lashing out on the politics and discrimination prevalent in Hindi film industry, veteran theatre, film and TV actor Ashok Saraf said that even though regional films offered less money, they give more satisfaction to him as an actor.

Speaking on the third day of DSK Gappa on Saturday, Saraf said that Hindi movie industry always treats the regional actors as sub-standard. They are given but only the roles of either comedian or villain, that is all about it. The industry tries to belittle the Marathi artists, said Saraf, who has worked in at least 50 Hindi films and as many serials.
Veteran compeer Sudhir Gadgil interviewed Saraf and his wife Nivedita, who is also an actress. The couple shared the little known facts about their career, hobbies, married life and experiences. Both of them were felicitated at the hands of Pratap Dighavkar, superintendent of police, Pune Rural.
Saraf said, it is a thing to be proud of that the viewers consider me as a comedian. Comedy roles are the most difficult to portray.
Photo Captions
Sai Tamhankar, Mukta Barve, Sudhir Gadgil, Rajesh Damle, Prasad Oak and Siddhartha Chandekar speaking on the second day of DSK Gappa.

Ashok Saraf.jpg
Sai Tamhankar, Mukta Barve, Sudhir Gadgil, Rajesh Damle, Prasad Oak and Siddhartha Chandekar speaking on the second day of DSK Gappa.

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