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Monday, June 7, 2010

Edition 24- Now You Know Why Dressing Well Pays

If you were thinking that being well dressed at work can make progress better or gives a new confidence, here is the proof. A recent survey indicates that employees who dress well are taken seriously at work than those that pay scant attention to those crumpled sleeves and faded collars.

Almost 89 per cent of respondents in a survey conducted by Team Lease, a leading staffing company, felt that style of dressing has a long-term impact on the overall image of an individual. Three fourth of the respondents felt that well dressed people are taken more seriously at workplace.

Sixty Nine per cent of respondents, both male and female, felt attire has a direct impact on sexual harassment faced by women at the work place.

72 per cent respondents feel that focus shifts from work when women frequently wear skirts and tops at workplace. But only 53 per cent of respondents in Bangalore felt that way but over 80 per cent agreed to it in Kolkatta and Ahmedabad.

Breaking the myth of female vanity, the survey revealed that 74 per cent felt men spend as much time, if not more, focussing on grooming as women.

Coming to implementing a dress code at work place, 47 per cent felt it was necesssary. More than half the respondents in Kolkatta and Pune opined that it enhanced work productivity. In IT domain, 53 per cent considered implementing dress code is strict but necessary.

Overall 44 per cent respondents' organisations have a strict dress code. Sixty six per cent of organisations in Chennai and 59 per cent in Mumbai have a strict dress code.

Overall 54 per cent respondents feel that incompetent/average performer cover up with meticulous dressing and accessories.

Overall 44 per cent felt that formal dressing applied to only senior manager and client interfacing employees.

The respondents included employees across cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune between the age group of 21-45 years across industries.

Processed Meat Bad For Heart
A study suggests, eating processed meat such as sausages increases the likelihood of heart disease, while red meat does not seem to be as harmful.

A Harvard University team which looked at 20 studies involving over one million people found just 50g of processed meat a day also raised the risk of diabetes. But there was no such risk from eating even twice as much unprocessed meat, such as beef, lamb or pork. This was despite the fact the two forms of meat have a similar fat content.

The study by the team from Harvard School of Public Health involving more than one million participants from 10 countries appears in the journal Circulation. Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said if you like red meat, this can still be included as part of a balanced heart-healthy diet.

However, he suggested further research was needed before any dietary recommendations could be made.

Being First Arab Miss USA!
American won the title of Miss USA in the annual beauty pageant held Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Rima Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant, won the pageant after swimsuit, evening gown and interview competitions. During the competition, she nearly fell while walking in her own, but she made it without a spill and went on to beat out contestants from all of the 50 tates and the District of Columbia.

Fakih, who moved to the United States as a baby, is believed to be the first Arab-American and Muslim to hold the title of Miss USA. She told pageant organizers that her family celebrates both Catholic and Muslim holidays.

Fakih represented the state of Michigan. According to pageant officials, she is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. After completing her reign as Miss USA, Fakih plans to attend law school.

The Miss USA pageant is not affiliated with the annual Miss America pageant.

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