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Monday, August 23, 2010

Edition 28: BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP...PRESERVE IT and Appeal from New CP to all women

There may be superfluity of anti aging creams

that work, but you need to know which one to

use and, most importantly, how to use them. The

tips for anti aging skin care for 20s, will help you

to restore the radiance of skin, to bask in its

glow! MUKTA GAIKWAD tells you how..


You've heard it a million times over, in those commercial breaks and at every beauty salon. Sun does age your skin. A few extra minutes in the sun, and your skin is in for a

prolonged trouble. Exposure to the sun, leads to formation of wrinkles, dark spots, dry

cracked skin and blotches. The reason for all of this is the hazardous nature of UV rays,

w h i c h penetrate the skin l a y e r s, mu t a t i n g the melanin causing premature aging.

You can block the harmful UV rays by applying a coat of sunscreen, 15 minutes (at least) prior, to stepping out in the sun. This allows the skin to soak it in, which prevents the damage. Use a sunscreen, which is SPF 15 or higher for anti aging purposes.


Working hard and partying harder, may keep you in shape, both mentally and physically. But smoking to keep up with the pressures of the same, is definitely not helping your skin. Aging skin is just another side effect of smoking. Inhaling smoking actively (avoidable) or passively (non-avoidable), leads to constriction of blood vessels, which leads to lack of oxygen in the blood stream. This causes your skin to look leathery and at this j u n c t u r e , your skin begins to g r o w c r ow ’ s f e e t .

A l s o, frequent consumption of a l c o h o l causes dehydration. P u f f i n e s s and red skin is a result of dehydration. As we age, the collagen content lessens, which makes the

skin look old faster and faster. Thus, the moral of the story is or antiaging for 20 year olds, is, quit smoking and keep the alcohol intake to a minimum.


By the time you are 25, your skin, begins to age. Dry skin, is a symptom of aging. Lack of moisture and water, makes your skin look dull and flaky. It loses its luster and develops dark circles and spots. So to keep all of these at bay and to keep the enzymes working, you need to drink a lot of water. A minimum of 2 liters a day, will keep your skin in a good condition.


• Use a scrub to wash your face, at least thrice a week. This removes the dead skin, cleans out the pores and speeds up the process of exfoliation.

• The best wrinkle free skin care, would be to include a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and B3 in your diet, to prevent wrinkles and to combat other signs of premature aging. Also, including, a bowl of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and antioxidants, keeps your skin looking healthy.

• Remove all the make-up with a good skin cleanser, before your go to sleep. Makeup disallows, your skin to breathe.

• Get your face cleansed, if not a facial, every 25 days, to remove deposited dirt, which causes blackheads and pimples. Your skin is a reflection of your grooming habits and essentially, your inner turmoil. I hope, these anti aging skin care for 20s, help you to look, eternally young. Take care!

New Commissioner Urges Women To Come Forward

The City's first woman Commissioner of Police, Meera Borwankar has urged women, who are victims of crime to come forward and register freely with out any pressure at any nearby police station for immediate action.

Addressing mediapersons here, Borwankar saidWomen should freely come forward and register their complaints. They should not sweep their problems under the carpet but instead come forward and fight against the crime. ''We shall organize special security for the women'', she added.

Borwankar said terrorism is the biggest challenge. ''However before taking up any challenge, I will first analyze the situation by holding discussion with my staff and study about it'', she said''. Elaborating on the issue of general crimes in the city, she said that a study will be conducted first to understand the situation. If there is an increase in registration of crimes, she will not be worried about it. A reality check will be undertaken over the matter before proceeding, she said.

Borwankar will carry on projects like Mission Mrutunjay, Janta Darbar started by Dr Satyapal Singh, who handed over charge to her. Dr Singh said that he was happy that a lady officer has taken over the reins of the city's happenings. The Maharashtra Government late Wednesday appointed Borwankar as the Pune's first woman police

commissioner, transferring the current police chief Satya Pal Singh to the state police headquarters. Borwankar till now was the joint commissioner of police (criminal investigation department), Pune. Singh will take over as the new additional director

general of police (establishment) and will be based in Mumbai.

She had hit the headlines when she was appointed joint commissioner of police (crime) in

Mumbai a few years ago. In other major transfers, Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol has been shifted to the state police headquarters. His position will now be

taken up by Mumbai Additional Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed. The transfers were effectedWednesday after the monsoon session of the state's legislature ended.

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