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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Naughty Superhero, First Indian Flag and Quizes

The Naughty Superhero

Ben Tennyson might seem like an ordinary 10-year-old boy — he plays video games, rides his bike and is a bit of a trouble maker - but thanks to his Omnitrix watch, he also has the ability to change into 10 different alien heroes. While the star of Ben 10 knows he must use his power for good, he still finds time for a little super-powered mischief now and then.

When ten year old Ben, his cousin Gwen, and their grandfather Max are on their summer camping trip, Ben finds an alien pod on the ground. When he examines it, he finds a mysterious, watch-like device called the Omnitrix. The device attaches itself permanently to his wrist and gives him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms, each with its own unique powers.

Although Ben soon realizes that he has a responsibility to help others with these new abilities at his disposal, he is not above a little super-powered mischief every now and then. Along with Gwen and Grandpa Max, Ben embarks on a summer-long adventure to fight evil, both extraterrestrial and earthly.


Story of First Indian Flag

Madam Bhikaji Rustom Cama has the distinction of being the first person to unfurl India’s national flag. She achieved the feat in 1907, more than 100 years ago in Germany. Here is how she did this brave and bold act which shook British government inside out.

Kama had received an invitation of the “International Socialist Conference” on August 18, 1907. The venue for the Annual meet was Stuttgart. Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar suggested that Madam Cama and Barrister Sardarsingh Rana should attend the conference as representatives of India. Savarkar also drafted the resolution that was to be proposed there.

Savarkar realized that our nation does not have an independent flag for unfurling there. Savarkar did not sit idle. From his talented personality Hindustan’s Tricolour, the first national flag, was born. Madam Cama and Bhanumatiji, the wife of Shamji Krishna Varma, themselves stitched this flag, using rich satin and silk cloth of the same three colours. Three such flags were made. The reason being, in the event of seizure of one during police action, the other could be used.

To avoid any obstacle that could be created by anybody, Madam Cama carried one flag out of England, having hidden it in her blouse. Barrister Rana carried the other two flags to Paris. Around this time, the British government ordered Madam Cama to leave England. Madam Cama shifted her base to Paris. It’s from Paris that she went to Stuttgart.

On 21st August, 1907 Madam Cama unfurled the flag. She also explained the meaning of its colours and symbols. Later on during meetings of revolutionaries in Paris, a smaller version of the flag was always placed in the center of Madam Cama’s table.

History Quiz

• When was the University of Pune founded?

• Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was jailed during Quit India Movement in 1942. He was placed at a famous place in Pune. This is place is a national memorial today. Which is it?

• When the Union Jack was hoisted on Shaniwar Wada, it was assumed as the complete hold of British East India Company on India. When was this famous occasion took place?

• This great personality is considered as the first revolutionary after 1857 in India. A memorial dedicated to him is now set up at CID office in Pune. Name the revolutionary?

• Among following, which fort was associated with the legend of Tanaji, the great warrior who laid his life while taking back the fort from Mughals ?

City Blog Quiz

• Two naval tankers carrying various goods collided in the Arabian sea off Mumbai recently. Who was most affected by this accident, causing damage to environment?

1) Sea 2) Customs Office 3) Government 4) Marine Creatures

• Who among these players was recently in news for bringing accolades to India?

1) Tejaswini Sawant 2) Suresh Kalmadi 3) Pullela Gopichand 4) Pargat Singh

• Apart from celebration of Independence Day on Aug 15, one more important day is observed related to Indian freedom struggle. What is this day known as

1) Republic Day 2) August Kranti Din 3) Independence Day 4) Revolution Day

• Month of August is generally coincided with month of Shravan in Hindu calendar. This year, another religious month coincides with these two. Name the month?

1) Ramajan 2) Ashad 3) Baisakh 4) Chaitra

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