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Friday, October 22, 2010

MIT at Robocon and become Facebook superhit

MIT students to represent india at Egypt ROBOCON

The students' team of MAEER's Maharastra Institute of Technology will represent India at the International Robocon-2010 to be held at Egypt. The MIT team beat Vishwakarma Institute of Technology's team by 43 to win the National Robocon -2010. IIT Mumbai came at the third spot. The national level competition was organised jointlyby MAEER's Maharastra Academy of Engineering, Alnadi and Doordarshan.

Besides winning the competition, the MIT team bagged Best Innovative Design, Best Scorer and Prof. Balkrishna Memorial Robocon prizes. IIT Kanpur received Best Manual Operator prize while VIT, Pune bagged the Best Atomic Robot. Government College, Aurangabad got Best Rocky Award. Best Idea Award was given to NSIT, Barhanpur.

The winners were given awards at the hand of Dr. Vishwanath Karad, founder-director of MIT; Dr. Buddhacharan Das, Prof. Sharadchandra Darade-Patil, dean of MIT; L. K. Chopra, director, Doordarshan, Mumbai; Dr. Sunil Karad, chief coordinator of Robocon among others.

Update on Friday & Become FB Hit


Not getting enough comments on your Facebook status updates? Well, post a photo on Friday and you'll be bombarded with those much-loved likes and comments, says a new study.

In a study released by social media management company, Vitrue, how much attention your Facebook posts are receiving is dependent on what you posted and when you posted it, reports

The report offered a How-to Guide for the attention-starved Facebooker, claiming that image and video are "superior to text-only posts".

And the study proved the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words-it was found that an image will get 22 per cent more likes and comments than video and 54 per cent more than a text-based post.

Fridays get the most interaction, while weekends get the least. The engagement increases 65 per cent if the post is made before noon, may be because people check Facebook over their morning coffee.

The lack of activity on the weekend suggests that outside of Facebook, people possibly do still have a life, if not a work ethic.

The report was created for marketers and analysed posts for more than 100 randomly selected streams or pages, representing 42.6 million Facebook fans and 32,000 posts.

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