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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sasoon Hospital

Guardian of Pune's Health

Sassoon General Hospital is a largest state-run hospital in Pune, Sasson has capacity of 1500 beds and it is one of the largest capacity holding government hospital .The B. J. Medical College and a Nurses training School is attached to it which among the prestigious Medical education i India. The Hospital was inaugrated on October 8,1963, The area where hospital was open and well ventilated in earlier years.The greenery in the campus gave the Hospital Picturesque setting. Therefore it was the favorite subject for artist of the time and so it was appeared on even greeting cards! The Jewish philanthropist David Sassoon from Mumbai made a generous donation to make the construction of the hospital possible in 1867. A Famous civil engineer of the time K Wilkins designed this structure which still remains one of the Most elegant structure of the City and Importantly has cared for the good health of the People of city.

The Jewish philanthropist David Sassoon from Mumbai made a generous donation to make the construction of the hospital possible in 1867. The hospital could originally accommodate 144 patients.

A well-respected child-care center and orphanage, Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH), is connected to the hospital. SOFOSH was started in August 1964 by a group of Pune citizens for the welfare of poor patients of Sassoon Hospitals. [2] Child care activities were initiated in 1973. SOFOSH’s child care center, "Shreevatsa", has provided a home to orphan children ranging from newborns to six-year-olds. Many of the children are placed with adoptive families in India and overseas. A number of children are physically and mentally challenged and a growing number are afflicted by life threatening ailments. Many of these children will never find adoptive families, and are cared for by the SOFOSH "Preetanjali" project. This also helps kids from ages 0-6 get a home in their orphanage care system they have been matching adults up with children for 32 years now.

There are many memorable incidents associated with the hospital. Avtar Meher Baba was born in Sassoon Hospital on February 25, 1894. Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi was operated upon on January 12, 1925 for an eventful emergency appendectomy in Sassoon Hospital. Though he made an uneventful recovery, his operation had more than it's share of glitches. The electricity in the OR failed; a torch was brought in which got fused; Surgeon Col. Maddock completed the operation in the light of a kerosene lamp.

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