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Friday, October 22, 2010

Skin Polishing and enhancement

New Treatments offered.

Skin Polishing and enhancement –

This treatment is done to make skin glow and to make it smooth and supple. The treatment removes dead skin from all over the body giving it much fresher look and glow. It also helps rejuvenate the skin. It is done by two ways:

Herbal Polishing – This includes natural/ ayurvedic products. They are specially made by our expert (In naturopathy and Ayurveda) Mrs Shashi Chavan.

Cosmetic Polishing – Uses Spa products for different kinds of skin according to requirements of an individual.

Skin peeling –

Chemical peels are used for fairness, instant glow, clean up, anti aging, removing fine lines, pigmentation and acne scars.

Lunch Break Treatment –

This treatment is popular among working ladies and students who have very less time for skin care and this is the best option. The treatment requires only half an hour but gives clearer skin. It removes scar, dead skin from the face and gives the skin a glow. This treatment can be done during lunch time while the effect last longer.

Permanent Hair Reduction –

These days facial hair is noticeable amongst young and elderly ladies making them conscious about it, especially if on face. Removing by threading, plucking, razor causes darker. Using diode laser this is treatable, reducing hair in number and thickness in several sittings with affordable cost.

Non Surgical Face lift-

Skin can look 10yrs younger with the help of this treatment. It uses micro-current machine that helps tighten the skin and muscles that sag, as well as causes release of toxins underneath skin making it look young and fresh. You can notice desirable change in your face with few sittings.

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