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Friday, December 24, 2010


Ever wondered if there was a place or a person where you could get answers to your questions about Parenting “how do I get my children to study”; “how do I make my child listen to me”; “How much discipline is important”; “Is passion more important than career”; …

Introducing The Parwarish Institute of Parenting which is committed to the creation, presentation and implementation of parenting education through interactive workshops and other programs. We intend to make parenting a more comfortable and joyful experience with parents more effectively raising healthy, happy and productive children. Parwarish Institute of Parenting has been setup to bring education and training to one of the most important and the most “experimented” aspect of our life.

Our aim is to cause a paradigm shift in the way we look at parenting. Established in 2008, the company focuses on bringing education and science in the area of Parenting through specially designed products to cater to the requirements of Parents and Teachers of children from all age groups. We have developed highly interactive workshops and sessions that guide and provide support to parents and teachers alike and lead them to find their own solutions for creating a stimulating environment for their children

Some of the schools where we have conducted the workshops are:- St Columbus ,Tagore international ,Basava International,lovely public school ,Primrose ,Ramjas,Shamrock Some of our other corporate clients are:-Max new york life insurance,National geographic Aviva life insurance. Over a period of two years we have developed programs catering to various age groups. The programs offered are:-

1. Parwarish: is a Parenting Workshop equips parents with the most basic and most essential elements for providing and building a strong foundation of a child’s life – building self confidence, self esteem and other fundamental qualities like self reliance, ability to take risk, being creative et.

2. Aashayein: School days from a Teen’s eye view: The time in a child life when he is wanting for support, looking for guidance and someone to answer his/her questions – which more often than not is not available from the parents due to the myth called “generation gap”. The workshop reveals the hidden emotional landscape of the school days and points towards the answers we desire and dread as we seek to help our children find success in school and beyond.

3. Paripaalan: workshop for teachers that deals with how to nurture self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity in young kids. It also highlights the “pitfalls” which teachers normally fall into while managing a diverse set of children in a class and reconnects them with the kind of difference teachers make to the world.

Now Parwarish institute of parenting comes to pune. Sushant Kalra, Director of Parwarish held their first workshop with the Parents of Kangaroo Kids on Sep 25th. The workshop highlights the gap between what we actually want for our children and what we normally provide. Why even after our best efforts and us wanting our children to be happy, Stress free, Self reliant, independent, confident etc. we are seeing that they are stressed about their examinations and competitions and the communication channels with us are reducing. The workshop not only gives us the answers to all the questions we have about parenting but also brings back the joy we had when we first held our child in our arms. A few comments of the parents who attended the workshop “I would recommend this for each and every parent”; “If you are a parent it’s a must,it brought about an attitudinal change in me”; These sessions should happen periodically”; “it brought me closer to my children”….

To know more about their programs contact Reenu Sachdev at 9890965554;;

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