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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shantaram Tayade

In daily life everybody has to move on with many faces. Specially, in Police life, you have to stick to the police rule book, you have to maintain harmony of the area and the same time you have to encourage your people too.

Senior Police Inspector Shantaram Tayade has kept a balance of all duties with utmost humanity. In fact, humanity is the characteristic feature of Tayade. A throught gentleman, his associates explains about himself.

Talking on his career, Senior PI Shantaram Tayade said, "I have grown up with the values, my parents taught me up. I always remember those virtues, today which are seems to be defeated. Maintaining balance between all these virtues is not a Herculean task. When we obey simple rules of life, everything will get covered."

Explaining about his family, Shantaram said, "I know the importance of an education, so I always emphasized on learning new thing. My children also obey what I told them. Ankush is doing MBA, Mamta have finished her M.Tech. in Biotechnology and Rupesh have completed B.Tech. in Mechanical faculty. I am very proud of my children."

Detailing his challeges which he has to face on duty, Tayade said, "I am from Jalgaon. I was professor in Khirdi Junior and Senior College there. I am very familiar with the rural Maharashtra. When I posted to Bhivandi Police station, that was very crusial days for that city. Bhivandi city is very sensitive regarding communal happenings. We have to take extreme care handling almost every case. We have to work hard to keep everything under control. My staff always cooperated me. When you give respect to the person standing before you, he will also respect you. This is my experience. When you obey such simple principals, people will not let you down in any context."

Explaining Pune experiences, he said, "Pune is very calm city comparing to Mumbai. Pune is an educational hub. We have to keep hawk eye on every development in the city."

Speaking about his achievements, he said, "When I released a 4 year-old kidnapped Muslim boy in Bhivandi, it was the experience which i could not forget. I was successful in releasing this boy and also in nabbing the culprits too. We were worried that if the culprit was from a Hindu community, it could ignite a communal violence there. But we handled everything carefully and handled this case successfully."

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