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Friday, February 11, 2011

Javed Akthar ousted, Lara-Mahesh, Russian Prez in Bollywood

Javed Akhtar ousted by the film industry?

The way Hollywood works is that an actor works as a partner in a film project incurring losses and earning a percentage of the share of profits. It’s sensible, it’s fair and it’s a whole hearted indulgence in the creative process. Similar trend is now finding place in Bollywood, therefore when a certain Javed Akhtar stands up and lobbies in Parliament for the rights of writers and singers, eyebrows are raised.
No wonder then The Film Federation of India has “advised members of the film federation to not employ the services” of the iconic writer. The decision that was taken by its newly elected president, T.P. Agrawal, is based on the fact that it’s really the producer who takes the maximum risk in the movie business. Therefore if a certain writer wishes to be eligible to be a part of the royalties then they must also be party to the risk involved.
Mukesh Bhatt in the capacity of a Vice President of The Film & Television Producers Guild Of India has issued no official statement on this but did express the fact that the decision was one taken emotionally and not rationally. He blamed the way in which the government has handled the whole copyright issue which has created the divide in the film industry.


Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi to marry early next year

Karan Johar might just win the award of “revelation king” what with so many secrets and speculations are brought to rest, and beans that were spilled on his show. Be it Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor’s break-up story or Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor’s affair, even Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka’s mutually animosity, it all came oozing out on ‘Koffee With Karan’.
And now with Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi making an appearance at the show as a couple, some interesting news is up for grabs as well. Lara and Mahesh have made a statement on the show that two will tie the knot in February; as for the date their families are busy fixing it.
There were lots of discussions about the marriage plans as the two looked clearly in love. As for the gossip part of it, lots of discussions took place on the past affairs, relationships and the link ups, a la Karan style.
Another Bollywood wedding waits in the coming New Year, and many a heart will break with Lara tying the knot.


Russian President meets SRK and Bebo on sets of Ra.One

That Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following world over is a given. However, what was surprising to note was the fact that even the President of Russia Dimitri Medvedev is an admirer of the Bollywood superstar. The Russian President was in Mumbai on a political visit but he did squeeze out sometime from his busy schedule to drop by on the sets of Ra.One to meet Shah Rukh Khan. Dimitri Medvedev was also equally excited to meet SRK’s Ra.One co-star Kareena Kapoor and even told her how popular her late grandfather (Shri. Raj Kapoor) still is in his homeland Russia. The President saw one shot, chatted with the actors and bid them goodbye.
In the recent past, even world famous magician Franz Harary made a stop over on the sets ofRa.One to meet the Baadshah of Bollywood. Surely they don’t call him King Khan for nothing.


Akshay and Katrina get mobbed by fans

There are always two sides to a coin. While being famous comes with its own perks, there is a flip side too, which is of being followed by millions of ardent fans wherever you go. Though it’s all for the love of the celeb, sometimes the fans can get into frenzy and create trouble for the star. Katrina Kaif recently had a first hand experience of this, while she was on a promotional tour for her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan.
It was in Dubai when Katrina was scheduled for a promotional event at a local mall where her fans gathered in thronging numbers. On seeing her car arrive, her fans mobbed the vehicle for a glimpse of the actress. The situation got so out of hand that Katrina’s make up man had to double up as her security to escort the harrowed star back to the hotel.

While closer to home, on a nationwide promotional campaign, both Akshay and Katrina were left confined to the hotel in Ludhiana, all thanks to the fans who had gathered outside. Maybe the fans took the ‘Catch me if you can’ bit from the TMK’s title track too seriously.


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