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Friday, February 11, 2011


Nanasaheb Phadanvis - one of the cleverest in Peshwai - his house is pride of Menavali. Menavali is just 3 Kms from Wai. Its a place worth to visit and see the famous old house of the genius.

But this is not the only place to see in Menavali. The house is situated on the banks of the river Krishna and the beautifully shaped ghat behind the house presents a pictursome scene. The view of the river, the jungle on the other bank and the hills surrounding are very pretty. There are few temples on the back side of the famous monument including the temple Menavaeshwar and Lord Vishnu. The Peshwai pictures on the walls of temple are admirable.

But the most interesting thing to watch in the temple premises is a huge bell. This bell was won by Peshwas in the war of Vasai in 1707 against British.

The wada-house of Nana Phadanvis was again in focus when shooting of film 'Mritudand' starring Madhuri Dixit took place some years back.

The bell, the temple and the surroundings of the river makes Menavali a wonderful place to watch.


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