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Friday, February 11, 2011

PMC to act toughly on unauthorized religious places

Pune : After the Court’s order, Pune Municipal Corporation’s anti-encroachment department officials came into act to remove road-side religious structures, which were proved the hurdles for smooth traffic. In a drastic drive, encroachment officials removed 52 such structures and cleared the footpaths and roads on Deccan, Karve Road area.

The state government recently instructed the civic body to remove illegal religious structures that were a hurdle on the roads. The state government referred to the directives of the Bombay high court ordering the removal of such structures.

The state government, in turn, asked the municipal commissioner to send the progress report of the anti-encroachment drive to the state government and the court. Municipal commissioner, Mahesh Zagade, chaired a joint meeting with the district collector, the police and the cantonment authorities and chalked out a plan for removing illegal religious structures. The drive began on Tuesday (Dec 21st). On the first day of the drive, PMC officials cleared 52 such temples. The commissioner has formed a special committee to monitor the progress of the drive. Residential deputy collector, Anil Pawar, is secretary of the committee.

Total 532 unauthorised religious structures have been identified by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). A list was prepared by the encroachment department of the PMC, which will undertake a joint drive with the police to remove them.
Giving details of the drive, the anti-encroachment department head of the PMC, Ramesh Shelar said, “As there were many complaints regarding these temples. At some places people misused premises of such temples for other reasons. So, the Court act heavily on this issue and had given directives to confiscate roadside temples immediately. According to the court’s directives, the PMC carried out a survey and found 943 illegal religious structures. Of these, 532 are obstructing roads. The PMC has forwarded the list of illegal structures to the regional ward offices and zonal commissioners for micro-planning.

Asking about the hurdles in implementing this drive, Shelar said, “Although the task is tough, we are confident of dealing with the situation. The progress report has to be submitted to the court and the state government. At any cost, we have to demolish the structures,” he added. The PMC squad completed the task with the help of the police.


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