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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prasad Hasabnis: Serving Nation

A police officer has to face many challenges on his duty front. He has to face different situations on different occasions. It all depends on the attitude with which one handles the situation. Prasad Narayan Hasabnis is an outstanding officer with all these virtues.

May it be a riot or mob handling Police Inspector Prasad handles it with cool head. They not only understand the modus operendi of any culprit, but also thoroughly analyze the mentality of any crime. They just try to find grass roots of any crime.

Police Inspector Hasabnis is all-different in investigation. Explaining his journey, Prasad said, “I joined Police Force in 1983. When I passed Bachelor of Arts degree, I just tried to give MPSC exams. In fact, I was crazy to join Police force. I appeared MPSC for the posts of Custom, Excise department but succeeded in Police exam. Now after 28 years of Police service, I am still eager to take new challenges. In fact, these challenges attracted me to the police force.”

Talking on his achievement, Hasabnis said, “I solved a case regarding gold robbery. Culprits often keep watch on Gold dealings. When they got a tip of such dealing, they just loot this gold with proper planning and well-carved plot. In this instance, 5 Kg of Gold was stolen from the premises of Sahara Airport. With proper investigation, I found culprits and 99 percent stolen Gold too. I got a CP reward for investigation.”

Commenting on new challenges before police force, he said, “We have to recruit police personals in advance. Because, a constable takes at least two years to become a complete police professional. At that time population too increases and available police force becomes short to cater their needs. There is always a huge gap between demand and supply. So we have to emphasis on quality training and also quality professionals.”

As he is working in the sensible area like Kondhwa, Hasabnis apreciated the cooperation given by local political parties. "Though Kondhwa have dense Muslim population, local political activists and also citizens always cooperated in keeping the law and order situation under control," he said.

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