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Friday, February 11, 2011

Vilas Narnavar

To err is the human. We have to understand it. Every person has its own identity, its own characteristic features. He will act acordingly. We must eliminate evil attitudes, not individuals. I always apply this rule when I have to handle any culprit.

Vilas Narnavar
Police Inspector
Kothrud Police Station

Vilas Sadashiv Narnavar, a firebrand 91 MPSC Police Inspector, when took charge of the Kothrud Police station, he was just unaware of the tasks of this area. After few days he realized that the area has its own problem. General crimes are not the main concern of this area, but Information Technology, i.e. IT related problems are the most concern issues of Kothrud. Police file mentions these crimes as Cyber crimes.

Kothrud, a fastest developing suburb in Asia, has an increasing crime rate. But the crime scene here tells the different story. Talking about the situation, PI Vilas Narnavar said, “We have to register many types of crimes like vehicle theft, burglary, murder, half-murder etc. But when one come with the complaint about the cheating of crores of rupees in online fraud, the picture turn turtle.”

Speaking to City Blog, he said, “Since few months back, vehicle theft was a major concern in Kothrud, the prime IT-spot of the city. Dense population, heavy vehicular traffic pushes people to purchase their own vehicle. Thieves just took this opportunity and started a racket here. We nabbed these culprits and just shocked to see juvenile criminals, who stole these two-wheelers to fulfill their luxurious needs.”

Narnavar said, “The area under my jurisdiction comprises crowded main streets like Paud Road, Karve Road, which are commercial areas having cosmopolitan population. Vehicle theft was one of the main problems here. We just resolved this issue and now we have a Herculean task to solve IT related crimes, i.e. cyber crimes. These crimes are on verge in this area. Altered, ill-intentioned emails just pulls common people in their trap and just conned for lakhs of rupees. After the crime, these hi tech thieves not left even a single trail of their crime. To find them is really a very difficult task. These are the crimes I always interested to resolve. My main concern is to aware people about these fake mails and cyber security. And we are doing our part by educating people about safe Internet banking and how to tackle with fake mails. ”

Elaborating his career, he said, “Before Pune, I worked in Chandrapur, a Naxal hit area, where we was aware of our foe, but here in our society, we don’t know anything about our target. We have to zero in on these culprits with the minimum details we have. But I think, that is a real challenge. I also worked in Dombivli, Bhivandi and Mumbai crime section. Here we have learned how to keep law and order situation under control in sensitive areas of the city. These experiences taught us many things like mob psychology etc.”

Talking on family front he said, “I have a family of four. Wife Nandini, daughter Nikita and son Vishwajeet always keep my moral high. I have guilt that I could not give enough time for my family. But they all understand me and that is what I got boosted to deal with all these challeges. Police is also human being and helps people in distress,” he said adding, “the happiness on people’s faces is the most prestigious reward for me.”

“One should not join the police force just because of the glamour attached to it. You must have devotion and sensitiveness in this profession. If police listen to a person very carefully, the fear towards them also diminishes,” PI Narnavar asserted.


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