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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hot Affair with Kobe

After establishing itself as a popular brand in Mumbai since three decades, Kobe is sharing its fantastic culinary expertise with the people of Aundh. Kobe is a chain of restaurants, which started off in Mumbai. After the Mumbai market, now Kobe is eyeing Pune people with their sizzler expertise. Aundh has the largest outlet of Kobe Sizzlers with 140 covers.

Now sizzler is a very well known word. It originates from Japan. Sizzleing small portions of meats on a heated iron plate is known as sizzler. Now people like putting a steak and veggies. Kobe Sizzlers really expanded the franchise and the name comes from Japan, as the original idea came from there and was brought to India.

Basically it is a dish brimming of selected items, assorted veggies, some French fries or mashed potatoes, steamed rice or spaghetti and lots of cheese, which is mainly cheddar cheese. Calorie conscious people will always prefer Kobe food.

The name, Sizzlers comes from the fact that this whole item is put on an iron platter, which is then put in to a griddle plate for up to five minutes at very high temperatures and gets cooked within three minutes or so. By the time it is ready to be served on your table, it is sizzling away merrily and has a sizzling sound typical to it. After the sizzling main course, one can pick of the desserts.

Located at Abhinav Sankul, Pushpak Park Corner, ITI Road, Aundh, Kobe consist seating capacity of 50 on ground floor, 40 on first and 50 on second floor. Kobe is a family restaurant which offers Take away, AC, vegetarian, Kids friendly, halal friendly services to its customers.

By all means Kobe's gives us a good dining experience. Ample space, privacy, pleasant interior gives it status of must visit place.

Kobe at Aundh - 020 25887577 and at Deccan - Law College Road - 020 25455001

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