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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A remedy Man; Manohar Joshi

Manohar Joshi, a vivid police officer is known by his work style. He solves crime cases like a puzzle. With his unique, unpredictable ways to study any case, he is well known in the department as a problem solver. When he is on the case, nobody dare to disturb him.

On duty police officer is a never resting creature. He don’t know what will come in his way that day. He has to face many challenges on every front. “That’s the time to keep your senses cool,” says Manohar Joshi, Senior police Inspector of Deccan Gymkhana Police Station. “Any police officer should know that nobody is criminal by his birth. He commits crime due to the circumstances he had to face. I experienced this phenomenon in most of the cases I handled in my career.

Keen analytical mind is a virtue of Joshi. He looks any crime by a criminal’s eyes. He got his solution by this analysis. Explaining his techniques to solve any problem, Joshi said, “I just concentrates on root cause of any event. Later on you will find the clue, which will direct you towards any conclusion.”

Elaborating his journey, Joshi said, “As my father was in Police service. He wishes his at least one son should be work for Police department. I got B.Com degree from Shivaji University. Later on after passing a police department examination, I become head constable. After few years I passed inter departmental examination and become Police Inspector,” he added.

Detailing his attitude, he said, “Be perfectionist. I never go beyond police rulebook. In fact, I have a firm belief that this rulebook has been prepared after studying human nature closely. So, there is everything. We only have to follow this book. If you become bias, it is quite certain that you would land in a cosy situation.

Detailing his achievements, Joshi said, “I can still remember those golden moments in my life. I solved many critical cases. While working on the case, I never bowed down to any type of pressure. Only because of that reason I stood impartial in my investigation.”

Welcoming the new generation in the police force, Joshi said, “It is a good sign that police department is getting young professionals with all the required skill set. Many graduates are becoming constable. A literate constable may work efficiently and could help to every individual working on a certain case. These tech savvy work force will play an important role in new age policing.”

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