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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swapnali Apartments and Prof Patil

Serenity everywhere...!

Picturesque nature, lush greenery in the vicinity, a fresh breeze of air and a hill base, with all these characteristics features, residents of Swapnali Apartment in Kanchan Galli (lane) on Law College Road, face every day. With the zest of knowing something new, every person in this apartment try to live by a different way.

Giving details of the society, Secretary Nitin Joshi said, “Seclusion is not a problem here. In fact, we always enjoy the serenity here. It gives relief to every person residing here in the apartment. We are very small apartment with 9 flats. Actually, we wish many people to come here and reside. So that there would be more liveliness.”

“We held several meetings according to the needs of the society. We work with the harmony and taking care of the apartment’s interest. We celebrate every festival like Ganesh festival, Navratri, Diwali together. We have many memories of these festivals in our life. Many notable persons like Urmila Jadhav, who is trustee member of the Shirdi Temple of Saibaba, Pramod Naralikar is a well known builder in Pune. Shrikhande family is recongnized by their excellent work in worm composting.”

“We always wish to implement environment friendly projects in our premises like worm composting, solar energy,” said Joshi, adding, “But we need proper guidance. Because we don’t want to start them hastily. We will study the feasibility of these projects and then implement them.”

Talking about the cleanliness of the apartment, Nitin Joshi said, “We have an employee to pick up all the garbage of Kanchan lane area. So, you will not see garbage container here. Overflooded garbage container is the picture everywhere in the city, but we strictly adhere to the rules and regulation of the society. People living here take care of the cleanliness themselves. Many people who are going to take a stroll on Law College hill, throw their waste on the road. We warn them and make them aware of drive we are undertaking. People too cooperate us.”

Elaborating their tree plantation drive, Joshi said, “Initially we planted many saplings on Law College Hills and watered them in hot summer too. Now everybody can see the drastic changes on Law College hill. There is lush greenery everywhere on hill. This is a result of everyone’s efforts. That is what we mean for society.”

Teaching is a noble profession - Prof. Patil

“In the late 1980s and 1990s, teaching as a career option for youngsters was at its peak. After graduation in 1992, I decided to opt teaching profession. In fact, I like to interact with students. I think teachers are always a boon to society. Not only they shape up young generation but also they inculcate the good values into them. I have a keen affinity for this profession. So I choose to become a professor,” said Sanjay Patil, Assistant professor.

Explaining his journey he said, “After doing M.Sc. I decided to pursue Ph.D. One has to keep himself update with the latest teaching techniques. It will not only beneficial to your students but also it boosts your confidence, it adds value to your teaching. You can be a good teacher if, you really love your subject and enjoy studying it, if you feel the need to know more about the subject, and therefore even as a student you search for related books/materials, beyond the textbooks. You must have a tendency to read the same text again and again if you fail to understand it in the first reading. You do not give up till you get it clearly, i.e., you need to have an analytical mind. For the value addition, a professor must be always interested in attending, submitting, presenting papers in seminars/conferences on your subject.”

Talking about his teaching techniques, Patil said, “I always try to make my teaching interactive. If there is mutual dialogue between teacher and students, this two way conversation always help to get things clear for every student in the class. For that reason I emphasizes on question-answer session.”

With experience of 15 years, now I realize many teaching techniques. I read many papers of different subjects in national and international seminars. I wrote articles covering varied student issues in many magazines. I also worked as the programme officer of National Student Scheme of Pune University for 3 years. I also worked as the Assistant Director for the Central Assessment Program of Pune University examinations for 13 years. Regarding my subject, Geography, I have been associated with many national institutes of Geography.

“In our college we organize many seminars, visits, tours to encourage students to study Geography. Though there are fewer opportunities in this field, student should be aware about the existing opportunities. So, we take many student session on the employment,” Patil added.

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