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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are Our Children Safe in School

In a society permeated with violence, there are seemingly few places where one can feel completely safe. Schools were typically regarded as safe havens where children are able to learn and grow without the fear of any type of violence. However, with recent incident of rape on a minor girl student by lab assistant in St Hilda’s Girls School, the public’s trust in the security of schools has been severely marred.

The Khadak police recently booked Kailash Memzade, laboratory assistant at a school, for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl student on the school premises. The incident came to light after the victim's mother lodged a complaint against Memzade. Inspector Rajendra Kadam (Crime) told that Memzade allegedly threatened to kill the Std V student if she revealed the incident to anyone. The victim's mother also made a complaint against Memzade to the school authorities.

The parents did not approach the police earlier as the girl was in a state of shock. On the next day An irate mob ransacked St Hilda’s girls school in Guruwar Peth, damaging the furniture and blackening the faces of some of the teachers. They were protesting against a rape that allegedly took place on the school premises.

Culprit Kailash Memzade (47) had been arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl, a Std V student, in the laboratory on February 24. Memzade was arrested after a police complaint was filed by the victim’s mother.

Meanwhile, angry protesters, raising anti-school slogans, barged into the school and blackened the name-board and the faces of the teachers with ink. Although policemen posted at the school appealed to them to keep the peace, they started throwing stones and damaging the furniture, window panes and a car parked outside.

Vandana Awasare, Housewife

“Violence can also encompass subtle things like name calling, fear of being ridiculed, teasing, offensive touching, racial, ethnic, cultural, or sexual slurs and bullying. Every parent should be aware about all these things. We have to keep an eye on our child’s regular behavior. Also we must keep tab on school administration.”

K. Anand, Software professional

“Proper supervision of students at schools is and remains the responsibility of the school board, administrators and teachers. The region does not have a role in this supervision of students in schools. The school administration should always crosscheck the security of their students. In fact the schools where all students are girl, should prefer lady staff. ”

Precautions should be taken by School

1) Implement tight security measures at school premises.

2) Deployment of educated security staff.

3) Regular check of their credentials.

4) Regular random checks.

5) Camera survelience in school premises.

6) Lady staff in girl’s school must.

7) Regular awareness and counseling among girls.

8) Extended security to the school buses which goes to the remote areas of the city.

9) Creation of open and healthy environment in school.

10) Regular interaction with parents and students too.

Precautions should be taken by parents

1) Interact with your child personally and on regular basis.

2) create a faith in them so that they could talk to you their problems.

3) Don’t skip school instructions and parent meetings.

4) Check credentials of school staff.

5) Teach your child code of conduct properly.

6) Aware them about dos and don’ts in life.

7) Check that your child should not be alone in school bus or in school.

8) Keep an eye on your child’s dress code.

9) Confirm that in any case, he/she should inform you about her/his where about.

10) Don’t choose a secluded school for your child.

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