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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunil Darekar: Man with Medals

As a individual and a police officer, Sunil Laxman Darekar, Senior Police Inspector of Warje Police Station, has some outstanding qualities. The ability to reach to the grass roots of any type of crime is one of them. He honed his skill by experimenting different methods on different types of crimes. These experiences enriched his career and also personal life too.

Elaborating his work style, Darekar said, “I always emphasize on study of human relationships. I know that every criminal is a human first. To study his modus oparendi, I study their nature first. Then I get valuable information, which is fruitful to reach a conclusion.”

Giving his personal details, he said, “I am native of Sahajpur in Daund Tehsil (district Pune). To become a best Police officer was my dream. My analytical mindset always helped me in crime investigation. In 1985 I became Police officer through MPSC. I graduate in commerce and then decided to go for Police service. My parent, relative, friends, teachers always boosted my dream. Without their help I may not tread this success path. I am always grateful to them.”

Talking about his work experiences, Darekar said, “Today we have to face many challenges. Technology keeps culprits, criminals secluded. They are using latest crime techniques. Cyber crimes are also on verge. But I can see the young generation coming in Police service is quite tech savvy. Now I can assure that they can face the future challenges. Our cyber crime branch is dealing with the latest frauds and cyber crimes with latest techniques. I think all police files should go online so that each police station will come in the network and it will help them to find the culprit. We also have to develop our weaponry. Police are fighting with criminals with age-old weapons, which could land them in trouble. One can imagine what will be feeling of a police officer, when his trigger jammed, when he aim at a criminal with an AK-56.”

Talking about his personal life, he said, “My family always helped me a lot. Cool brain is an advantage in this profession. One can handle wartime situation with cool mind and brain. My two sons, wife enrich my life with many golden moments,” he added.

Investigation of two big burglaries including burglary at Tribhuvandas Bhimji Javeri in Mumbai, worth few crore Rupees, encounter of 6 criminals like Nilesh Kokam, Mastan Chand shaikh gave Sunil Darekar Police Medal for meritorious service on Republic Day. These medals and word of thanks boost him to turn to new case. That is his driving force.

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