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Monday, August 1, 2011

Come here and settle here

ne would find only few societies which allows good amenities with good residents who not only stay in the same society but also lives like a family. ‘Clarion Park’ is among those few societies. It is located in D. P. Road, Aundh. As one enters the society can feel positive vibrations. The society is clean and green. It is like any other society if you go with the building but there is deep connection within the people living in those building.

The society has people from different field, culture and backgrounds. Deepali Mathure, President of the society committee says, “We have 1, 2, 3 BHK and Pent house. So you can imagine we have people from different background. We call it ‘Mini India’”. This ‘Mini India’ has different age group people which make it one of the best places to live. Sandhya Banerjee, who keeps on visiting America, says, “Whenever I visit America, I just wait to come back here. I have my own group of friends here and I enjoy their company”. She has been in this place for ten long years and has no plans to leave this place. “Why would I leave this place where I have same age group friends? The important this is that we have small children with whom we also enjoy”, adds she.

The society is been structured in a cubical way which allow everyone flat people to stay connect to each other. Seema Doshi, an old resident here, says, “I stay connected to my friend in different building because of the layout of the society. It allows me to see when they sit in the garden and I follow them the next moment”. People over here are not only stay together but they celebrate the functions together. They all party and celebrate the different vibrant festivals together. “We all ladies of the same age group do party, celebrate birthdays and even go for overnight picnics. This kind of bonding can hardly be seen in any other society”, says Smita Kale.

The society cannot function without the proper management. The committee has 11 members and interestingly, it has 9 female members. The reason behind this is that the women are more sensitive and are able to connect them with the problems of the residents in the society. The committee is working good as it has people from different backgrounds. Nirmala Murthy, secretary of the society, who herself is living here since ten long years, says, “We have members who are good in their fields. To handle the funds sections we have lady who has worked in bank for long years. We have members who are journalist, who are social worker, software engineer and other such fields. This helps us to work together and function well”. The society is not only taking care of the residents of the society but also the people working here. They collect waste paper from each flat and sell it to the ‘raddi’ to utilize the money for ‘Staff Welfare Fund’. The money is then used for the welfare of the staff like getting them new equipment or giving them gifts on festivals.

Unlike any other society, this society also has gone through tough times but they all stood together to fight against all odds. “There were times when we were going through financial crises but we all stood together. We not only got help from the society people but also from the builder. They helped us like a family”, says Deepali. As per the rule of Cooperative society, the funds of the society were deposited in the Suvarna Sahkari Cooperative Bank. This bank later was caught under scam due to which their 2 crore rupees was with bank. That time they were not aware will they be able to get that money back whose interest was used to maintain the society. They faced this situation for 3 years. But with the help of the society members, the committee managed to maintain this and came out of it later on.The builders, Naik Navre and Associates, helped the society even after it was handed over to the residents. Such kind of gestures is not expected from any of the builders in today’s world. Even if this has gone through many ups and downs, they still know how to be connected.

Vibha Sharma, mother of two kids, 2.5 years old Ira and 1 year Arya, says, “I would be shifting to Kalyani Nagar as my daughter got admission in a school over there. I am looking out for society like this in that area but I guess it’s going to be the toughest job of all. I am feeling sad that I have to leave this society where there were so many activities for my daughter and son, which is hard to find now a days”. The society is still facing some problems. “There are vendors at one side of the entrance and auto stand on the other side. This hides our entrance and we are trying hard to get it done so that it can be easily visible from outside too”, says Deepali.

The other problem of the society is the road. The society, which is at the back side of Clarion Park was not easily accessible to the main road, so they have gave their one road to PMC so that the other society can get access to it. But after they got access to the other side, the inner road of Clarion Park, which was given to the PMC is not yet been given to the society. “The builder and PMC are trying to work on that matter but we are the sufferer. We are paying heavy amount for out security due to this. If matter gets solved quickly, then we would be able to save money and invest them on other activities”, says Deepali.

At the end, this is a society, which is not only good for young professional but also for those who are old and looking for their same age group people so that they can share their experiences of life but also for the young ones who look for a companion to play with. This is a society, which celebrate every festival with the same enthusiasm like the whole nation does. This is a society, which would stand together not only in good times but also in bad times. This society is a place where people come as tenant but end up being an owner. This kind of society is hardly seen where you will never been alone anytime.


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