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Monday, August 1, 2011

Corruption everywhere but solution nowhere

The whole nation is supporting the cause that Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba has taken in their shoulders. But the big question is, will this dream will see the light?

It’s been a while, when everyone is talking about Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Debate is on in every news channel about the issues these people have taken. Every day, every news paper and channel covers the update on the issue. Every individual is paying attention to the result of ‘Lokpal Bill’. But one thing which everyone is neglecting is that this issue is not related to the ministers and upper management but our daily life gets affected with this.

The whole society is just supporting the movement these people have started but at the ground level no one has seen anyone taking any step to take it further. Supporting a cause and participating in it, actively, is two different things. Unfortunately, many, in fact are just supporting it. People misunderstand that the corruption just exists in the higher hierarchy of the society. People sitting in the higher level of an organization or the society come under it and are the people increasing it. One lives in the illusion that they are not involved in any such act. But as one will look around will find everybody is involved in the act of corruption. Corruption is a way of earning more money with less hard work. It is getting the money for something which one has never done and will never do. Those who say, that they have never given corruption to anyone, is simply telling lie.

Everyone in this society has given corruption to someone or the other. Some might have given money to the teacher to pass the children, some might have given it to a government officer to pass the file to the next level or desk, some might have given some money to the traffic police to let one go even if he/she has jumped the traffic light, knowingly and the list goes on. When we ourselves are involved in so many corruption acts then how come we can say it to get out from society like an unwelcome guest? We have learned to move so fast that we are ready to do anything to reach the destination as fast as possible. But at the same time, we want to show the world how moral and ethical we are. Asking those ministers about the property is not going to solve the problem. After all, we have taught them to take money to do things faster and move faster. It is sarcastic that India being a democratic country, the citizens of this great nation are still sleeping and are being innocent.

Why do we wait for someone to come and lead us when we ourselves know the way? Why do always talk about the sky and never looks the ground? If we really want to stop corruption, then we need to bring this thought to our daily life. Let’s not jump traffic light so that the traffic police will ask for chalan. Even if he asks for it, don’t pay him money just to get rid of it. Changing something which exists for a long time need time and support. Let us also start a revolution at the ground level. Great people are there at the top to look at it from a bigger perspective. If we really want to stop it, then we need to do it. Talking and discussing is not going to do help but it’s time, one actually take responsibility in hand and think about the great nation.


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