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Monday, August 29, 2011

Independent… Are we?

Recently, we celebrate 64th Independence Day. Unlike any other National Holiday, it was also celebrated with great proud and respect. Everyone was talking about the current movement and things that are going on. Many did publish the journey till now. Are we really Independent? Constitution has laid down some Fundamental Rights that is the right of every citizen who are living in the Nation.

Equality: This right states that “every individual living this Nation will not be discriminated on the basis of color, caste, creed, religion and sex”. It’s been 64 years, how many of you find this being followed? There are still people who reside in this great Nation and are deprived of this right. They live their life, daily getting their Right to Equality being crushed by people in power. People talk about growing India and Vision 2020, but will it be successful when it comes to this basic right, Right to Equality, which every individual has.
&lRight to Freedom of speech: This mean that we are free to express our feeling and though to any individual or group. This says that anything that is against religion, community, cast and which would invoke should not be speaking. But it seems government is paying very deep attention to it and that’s being the reason, Anna Hazare and other people who are trying to speak about against corruption, are being thrashed by the Politicians with the power.
Right against Exploitation: This right talks about exploitation against worker, child labour and trafficking of human. This is a right which is being exploiting everywhere in the Nation. We all are aware that Child Labour is illegal but we all end up in appointing a child for work. We know but we are helpless, as we want out work to be done.
&Right to Freedom: This speaks about the right to take any profession and practice without being forced. Is it? But then people who forced to do some profession and practice. This means it’s wrong. But are we doing anything for it?
&lRight to Conserve Culture: This certainly doesn’t exist in practical as we are the one who are trying to crush our culture. We are the one who thinks that our culture is not appropriate according to the current situations. And we are busy following the Western culture when they are busy learning ours.
RRight to Education: According to this right, every individual has right to get educated and become whatever they want to be. This is still not available to many people from the villages. It’s been a long year but still there are sections of group who don’t ever know how to write their names. These are the ‘Future of Tomorrow’.

These all rights are just which are there in Constitution but we hardly follow it. It has been 64 years that these Rights were written down to safeguard out interest. These rights were written with the mind to make everyone comfortable and get place for themselves. As the year passed, these all rights are just our rights that are written and not being followed. We break exploit this rule, every time. On the contrary, many are not only aware about their right. They are aware about the movies, Stars, World but about the ‘Fundamental Rights’ that is there.
These all rights are useless until we don’t pay attention to them. We, if won’t be aware our rights, then how can we save it? How can we avoid ourselves from exploitation? It’s out rights and we need to pay attention to it. We can carry out simple things which can help is in protecting our rights.
There are children in village who are not able to study. They don’t have schools and even if they have they don’t go. Government has definitely started ‘Sarwa Siksha Abhiyaan’ but that is also growing with a low pace. There are women who are still being teased, married women are bitten. The worst condition is there are still baby girl are murdered. Girls are still married at their younger age to a person who are very old. There are still who believes widow shouldn’t get remarried.
There are people who leave their farming profession and come to city in search of better work. But they end up in exploitation by their bosses. They are being paid less for the work they do. There are still some groups who are opposing the movement of this migration. Government is paying attention everything but not to this problem. Agricultural nation is losing farmers but nothing is being done.
Still there are a group of people who are not being recognized in the eyes of law and society. There is evidence which shows their existence in past but today’s culture doesn’t have any respect for them. There are people who are playing politics in the name of religion and citizens are getting affected. But nothing is happening. On the contrary, when someone speaks against the ongoing problems, they are being kicked and thrown away.
There are people who are having power but don’t know anything about power and are still sitting and ruling the state. No one is saying against them as they are purchasing the power of votes. Citizen’s listen, see and hear everything but speak nothing. The law is being broken every second by the powerful people but when the same is done by an ordinary person, they are thrown behind bars. We talk about equality, but people are being treated on the basis of money, power, cast and the list goes on.
What are talking about all these things? Why are we saying that we are growing? When rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. Is this we all talk about Independence when in a Nation, a youth leader is just 40 and the different parties are fighting with each other when they should come together to fight against terrorism? We are so great that we ready to spend crores and crores of money behind the security of a terrorist who has murdered many innocent people in the name of taking out the information? Those should be spending for the development of the roads in those villages that are still to get noticed in a map. That money should be spending for the farmers by providing them better equipment and water supply so that they are not dependent on monsoon and seasonal rains. Are we actually talking of Independence or this just exist as number?

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