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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monsoon Make-up

Make up is something which every lady can’t miss. They need to look good beautiful always. A woman can never compromise with their dress and fashion. These are something which they can’t live without. But during Monsoon, they face quite difficult to maintain their look. They want to enjoy the rain but the same time doesn’t want to get their make wash away in water. Here are some tips that they can take care of this monsoon which might help them to maintain their looks.

Use of water proof products: Understanding the need of the women, many companies have launched their water proof make up products which are available in market. From eye lashes to lipsticks, everything is available in market. These products can be used like normal products and the main thing is it is going to be there for longer time. These products are not harmful to the skins so no one has to worry about it.

Kind of tone: Women should keep in mind about the kind of tone that they will be using. There is no such ground rule for the make-up but it is advisable to use ‘Pink’ tone rather than ‘Brown’ tone. Pink tone will go with the kind of climate and environment but one can use Brown tone also if they are interested in. These can be used as one want to use them.

Especially for occasion: Normally, women gets confuse with the kind of make-up that would go with the occasions. When someone is going out with friends for some party, they can have glittering make-up. This would give them a different look. Whereas, when they are going to the office or some official gathering, they should apply the normal make-up.

Taking out make-up: One should keep in mind that before applying make-up and after taking it out, they should do cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These keep their skin fresh and avoid from chemicals that are present in make-up.

With these small tips one can look good without compromising with their looks. This kind of care is needed when one is very much particular about their looks. There is no such hard and fast rule for make-up. There are certain celebrities who break rules of make-up and carry themselves well. If someone is creative and wants to try something different, they can do. After all this is monsoon. In this season, one can try out different attire and make-up to get them notice in crowd. But make sure of one thing; don’t try something that would make you look a disaster. One needs to take care of that can do whatever they want. 

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