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Monday, August 29, 2011

Selecting the right stream...

It’s been said, ‘Selecting the right stream at 11th will actually help you decide your future’. Students are more nervous than their results when it comes to selecting the right stream and college while entering into 11th standard. A child, after appearing for 10th board, should be clear enough about what s/he wants to do and where he wants to go. Selecting a stream is equally important that selecting a school for it. They not only select the school, but they also select the faculty, the kind of lab they have, they kind of facility they provide and what all subject they teach which will help them in shaping their future. For this year, 11th admissions in most of the colleges and schools are done, but for the upcoming year, we have asked few colleges we asked what they have to say about the 11th admissions, best five and their cut of marks. Principal of these colleges gives some tips and share their views on the current education situations.

Jayshree Venketraman, DAV Public School, Aundh:
Normally, we receive enquiry for Science. With the current situation, students opt for science stream, that to Engineering in particular. They, I suppose, are more focused on their future and want to take up that field which would help them settle soon and in an easy way. Everyone is looking forward to have a good future. They all want to have those jobs which are in demand and which would be able them to pay off well. As far as Engineering is concerned, students normally want to go for it and then do MBA, which adds up to their knowledge and degree. With this double degree, they have more job options. We also offer Medical and Commerce. For Medical, students need to read a lot. MBBS is losing its value day by day. With this, they have to read and go higher to have a better life in it. This might be the reason; normally students don’t opt for Medical much. For commerce, those who have business of their own, or who are really interested in doing commerce go for this. But the number is really less.
Students these days are exposed to so much of technology that they enquire a lot about the future and make their decision. It’s good that they do so but at the same time, they are not doing that they enjoy doing. They are becoming more focused in career that they are not paying to their interest. CBSE don’t have Arts stream due to this. Normally, the number of this stream is less, sometimes to less than 10 in one class. Seeing this situation, we don’t have any Arts stream. This is question of worry as Arts offer so much related to human that one needs to study that, no matter what field he/she chose.
As far as cut off concerned, we normally have 90%+ cut off for Science section and for Commerce it goes to 75%. We have total 4 sections in 11th, out of which 2 sections are dedicated to Engineering subjects, one to Medical and one to Commerce. The best is calculated according to the rules and regulations of the board. This has helped students to actually raise their percentage even if they have done badly in either of other subjects.

Dr. Shrikant Gupta, Abasaheb Garware College:
We offer Science and Arts. Arts is in Marathi. Students opt for Science. Science has always been the field of interest for maximum students. Even in certain places, this is treated as a field of respect. Students have a belief that this field is going to give them a respectful job and they will be able to settle themselves in a very faster way. This is something what every student think and want. No one wants to lack behind in any sense. After all whatever they will chose and select will help them in growth.
We have cut off of 90%+ for Science but for Arts, we accept every student. Students apply less for Arts too, may be because we offer them in Marathi. But the current situation is like that only. Maximum students go for Science seeing the kind of exposure it will give you. An advice to those who want to take Science as their future, make sure that yours Science subject; Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry is strong. These subjects are needed in every department of Science.
 Those who think that Arts doesn’t have something interesting to offer then they should understand that it provide you subjects like Economics, Physiology, History and other such Human related subjects that are interesting. Those who have interest in subject like this should opt for this stream. As far as the best five is concerned, we follow the rules that are laid down. But if someone is having other curricular activity like NCC or Sports then that might help them in getting admission in some quotas that are with the college. Every student should have interest in some activity apart from studies. This will help them not only entering the college but will be helpful in long run.

Dr. Hrishikesh Soman, Symbiosis College of Commerce and Arts:
We have only two streams for 11th, Commerce and Arts. We never had Science as one the streams for the 11th. And this is something which we are totally okay with. There are other options that are available apart from Science and that what we pay attention to. Interestingly, even if we don’t have Science, we get admissions for other two streams. Students should understand one thing that stream will not matter but one’s interest and passion will matter when growth and development is concerned in professional life. Many students blindly take Science as this is the trend that is going on. But, if a person who takes Science as future and doesn’t have interest in it, he/she will not be able to enjoy and grow.
At many times, it is the peer pressure. Parents need to understand the fact that a child’s interest and passion is the main ingredient in his/her growth. Parents need to be educated enough to understand this but unfortunately, they are not. This makes them land up doing something which they are doing just for the sake of it. The competition is growing day by day and to stand in this competition interest is more important. One will not be able to grow properly if that lacks.
Commerce and Arts have many options and provide future too. Those who think that these streams don’t have future, then they need to re-think. We don’t have much support from Government to encourage young generation to think apart from Science. Our education system needs a change. And I can see that this is happening with a very low speed. Just imagine, if every student end up doing Science then we will have Engineer and Doctors at the streets. And that situation is not good at all. With the current situation, I think this will be a scenario soon.
As far as the cut off is concerned, you will be surprise to notice that our Arts cut off is more than the Commerce. Commerce cut off goes to 84%, whereas for Arts it goes to 85%. This is something which is the interesting part in our college. As an advice to the upcoming group, read more have some hobby. When you will have hobby, you will know what you want. If possible, take your hobby as profession as you will do your job with passion and that’s needed to grow. 

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