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Monday, August 1, 2011

Take Care

As the monsoon approaches, the climate is changes. In this sudden change of climate babies needs some extra care and precautions. Dr Anivash Bhore gives some tips.

The climate change has just started. Summer has gone and monsoon is just coming. This is the time, when there are lots of viruses and bacteria travel in the air. Infant’s and kids are the more soft victims of these. Dr Avinash Bhore, a child specialist from Baner, shares few tips on how can children can be taken care.

In this climate, children normal face Viral, common flu, ‘Gastro Enteritis’ which is a stomach infection, malaria and dengue. To fight these diseases, mothers need to take care few things, Nutrition, Vaccination, Immunization and hygine.

Nutrition is the most important thing in a children’s growth. What a child eats and take will make him strong and weak in future. Mother’s need to look into their intake to make them able to fight the diseases. Avinash says, “For infant, 0-6 months old, breast feeding is very important. Many may think that it is not necessary but they neglect the fact that breast milk has important factors that makes the infant’s immune strong”. If by any chance, they are not in total breast feed and taking top feeding, means then the proper hygiene need to be maintained. “If the infant is on top feeding, then the utensils and water used should be boiled properly, even the Aqua Guard water. This would kills the germs”, adds he.

The vaccinations for infants are very important and needs to be given in the proper interval. “Infant’s doesn’t have strong immune so it is very important to keep them away from the infected people in the family. It is advisable if mother only carry the child and others apart from her should avoid any sort of physical contact with them as they might get infected”, says doctor. As the child grows, one needs to reduce the breast feeding and start giving solid foods to the children. “Mothers need to start reducing the breast feeding and should start giving solid foods to their child. For the children of 6 months to a year old, one should breast feed for 4 to 5 times a day”, adds Avinash. Breast feeding should be reduced so that the child will not get habituated of it.

But this should reduce the intake of proper nutrition in them. Weaving foods like Dal, Chawal, vegetable should be included in their food. Parents should avoid giving junk food. “Children of this age (6 Months -1year) need lots of Iron, Vitamin and Protein. Parents should take care that they are giving them foods which contain these minerals. To meet their requirements, they can give supplements. Iron being the most important”, explains doctor. During this age, children are feed with cow milk. To reduce the hardness of the milk, they add water in it. Doctor doesn’t advise this and says, “Instead of adding water, which is not going to reduce the hardness rather will increase the quantity of water and child fill drink more water than milk, one should give water between two feeding”. They can also use formula milk which is easily available. They have the right proportion of minerals which would be good for the children. During this age, immunization is important for which protein and iron is the most important element. Parents should make sure that their child is having a diet which includes both these.

When a kid reaches the age group of 1 to 1 and half year, the breast feeding should be reduced to 3 times a day. In this age they started eating properly. Parents should take care that they avoid eating junk food. For them, it is banned. “Junk food will decrease their immune system rather than building it. At this stage, they need proper nutrition which will help them to grow”, explains doctor. Parents should avoid taking them out much.

Parent’s need to protect them from viruses but if by many chance they get some, need to visit doctor immediately. Avinash says, “If any of the parents are allergic, then there are chances that the child may also get it. In that case, if child is having cough then parents are advices to see the doctor immediately. Even if the child of such parents catches viral, then it is possible that viral will trigger asthma. So especial care is needed for such kids”. If child is having cold more than two days then they should see the doctor. Minor cold is okay and it can be treated by the home remedy, if they are sure about it. Mosquito coils are not effective these days so nets are advisable. If the child is having a high fever and shivering, then the blood needs to checked, immediately.


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